Dec 16, 2013

"Last Night I Dreamt I Went to Manderley Again"

This quote seems appropriate today since Joan Fontaine made it famous in Alfred Hitchcock's 1939 "Rebecca" passed away this weekend at the grand age of 96. It is also appropriate because my co-worker and I evoke this fabulously doomy-romantic quote to describe our work condition under a tyrannical, wildly bipolar boss. And this photo I took last night (via Gemini Rising's fingers) at Mug Lounge after Kitty Night's last show in 2013 reminds me of the same romance as seen in Wong Kar Wai's films.

Lastly, the RED BURLESQUE Calamity Chang lipstick is finally available for purchase just in time for your stocking stuffer or a self-indulgent luxury reward for thyself! I have a small stash available to sale. If you are in NYC you can pick one up from me directly or pay only $5 for shipping anywhere in the US. They are $30 each. Email me "calamity at foxfatale dot com".

Read my previous post about using RED

Nov 22, 2013

Happy Spanksgiving! Photos by Chris Koontz

A few months back I performed and hosted in Scottchula's Late Nite Cabaret in Philadelphia and had the honor of doing some quick backstage portraits with photographer Chris Koontz also based in Philly. I finally got to see them and I love the dark dungeon-y feeling he captured.

Check out more of his portraits and other work at

Photo by Chris Koontz -

Photo by Chris Koontz -

Photo by Chris Koontz -

Nov 1, 2013

SNAPPED: Halloween 2013 Recap at Bobo Restaurant

What a great gig! Great audience, open bar of champagne, wine, cocktails, delicious appetizers all night and a whole veranda of desserts! I had the best time at Bobo Restaurant's Halloween masquerade party. The appetizers were so good! There was this spicy merguez tartare that made a big impression on my palate, and a great crab cake that was bite size. Everyone dressed up too and I was very content to be ensconced in Bobo's classic townhouse with ornate picture frames, lush banquette booths, leather chairs, crystal dripping chandeliers. A lot of my friends from my day job came too! The two worlds collide! Actually it's not a big deal, all my day job people know about my night job and since my day job is also in the creative world it's not so shocking.

Here are some of my favorite fan photos from last night:

Oct 27, 2013

SNAPPED: Pre-Halloween

Here's a peek of my Victorian Dog Fetish/Lives of Monster Dogs act taken by a fan last week at my Thursday night home-away-from-home Nurse Bettie. The leather mask and harness are made by London based leather fashion and bondage label Ilya Fleet. My inspiration board is here on Pinterest in case you are curious how I decided to come up with this act. The song I use is "Tear You Apart" by She Wants Revenge.

I'll be doing this act and my infamous latex nun act this Thursday, 10/31 at Bobo Restaurant's party!

Oct 13, 2013

"Calamity Chang": the 19th Shade for RED BURLESQUE LIPSTICK

I am beyond the moon to be chosen to represent the 19th color of Australian brand lipstick RED BURLESQUE!

RED BURLESQUE is a premiere brand of lipstick "inspired by the sexy, teasy, steamy world of burlesque" and it is the largest range of red lipstick in the world. Each color is represented by a burlesque performer in the world, each with a signature color that they chose. I'll be joining the other RED BURLESQUE girls such as Melody Mangler (Seattle), Lou Lou D'vil (Finland), Michelle L'amour (Chicago), Roxi D'Lite (my idol!), Peekaboo Pointe (NYC), two other fellow Texans Coco Lectric and Ruby Joule, and more.

I met RED during the New York Burlesque Festival 2013 when I worked with Don Spiro for our photo shoot at The Slipper Room. Angie Pontani organized for those of us shooting with Don to get a free lipstick of our choice from RED (what a fun little perk!), so when I arrived that day, I walked up to the RED booth and was all (picture ghetto neck sway), "Um Umph. Are you sure you got colors that Asian skin can wear?" LOL - cause Asian ladies, you know what I mean! It is SO hard to find the right shade of retro red for our complexion! And if you are considered "dark" in Asian standards like me, it's REALLY difficult. I have at least 10 varieties of red lipsticks on my vanity ranging from drug store brands to luxury brands. None of them were completely satisfactory. I've found that the drug store ones loose moisture pretty quickly (flaking), and/or the red shade would change over wearing time. The fluorescent lighting in drug stores alter the way colors will really appear in day light. The red is either too bright with too much orange (clown face) or too dark (gimme a bandana and I'll rock that chola-chinita look). And the Chanel lipsticks always bled no matter how I prepped my lips before application.

Imagine my surprise when I tried on "Strawberry Siren" (as seen below) and it was a perfect match with my complexion. It felt smooth and moisturizing (I wore it the rest of the day with no bleeding or flaking!), and it just made me feel happy wearing a brand that believes, supports, and GETS us burlesque girls' insatiable need for glamour!

Wearing "Strawberry Siren". Photo by Don Spiro.
RED invited me to find another color that would be my signature shade and I reached for the mysterious tube at the end of the display. It had a plum-like shade, sultry, and intense. Tried this baby on and she became "Calamity Chang"- the 19th color described as "an incredibly rich and vibrant berry red with a hint of pearlised gold and a creamy high gloss finish. Enriched with Apricot Kernel Oil (Vitamin E) to soothe and protect the lips. 100% allergy tested and fragrance-free."
Wearing "Calamity Chang" by RED BURLESQUE. Photo by Mike Webb Photography.
Wearing "Calamity Chang" by RED BURLESQUE. Photo by Mike Webb Photography.

This is my shade's color palette.

I wear both shades equally. I tend to wear "Strawberry Siren" more during the day time. It's that perfect shade of red for Asian complexion to give you a feel of vintage but still not dowdy or matronly looking.  "Calamity Chang" is very flexible in terms of looks. I wear it when I perform vintage acts inspired by Old Shanghai. It's a gorgeous deep gem tone that goes so well with other jewel tones like emerald and gold. This shade becomes super flirty and fun when paired with light pastels. I think "Calamity Chang" is the perfect representation of my burlesque personas.

I'll be able to offer "Calamity Chang" for purchase soon from my web site (within the US only), or if you are in NYC, you can just drop me an email and I'll have it for you at my next show for pick up!

Oct 12, 2013

Lives of Monster Dogs & "Rasputin's Room: Den of Iniquities" (Presented by Lil Steph)

I read Lives of Monster Dogs by Kirsten Bakis years ago, and I've forgotten about it til recently. I was going through my burlesque closet and images from this novel suddenly resurfaced and I was inspired!

That's all I will say about my new fetish-inspired act that I'm debuting this coming Friday, 10/18 at Lil Steph's Rasputin's Room: Den of Iniquity, a new classic burlesque monthly show featured twice recently by The Philadelphia Weekly.

If you are in Philly, come to the show! I heard the Ruba Club is haunted...

Lil' Steph presents RASPUTIN'S ROOM: Den of Iniquity
Ruba Club, 416 Green St (between Spring Garden St and Fairmount Ave)
October 18, 2013
Doors at 9pm, Show at 10pm

RASPUTIN'S ROOM: DEN OF INIQUITY is a soiree to rival the mystic Khlysty rituals of salvation through debauchery. Indulge with those who have a penchant for the occult and a fetish for all things kink. Featuring outstanding drag and burlesque performers from up and down the east coast!

Philly's Queen B, THE GODDESS ISIS
The Asian Sexsation, CALAMITY CHANG
Bringing a mystic allure, MINX ARCANA
The Warrior of burlesque, DEANNA DANGER
The Criminally Cute LIL' STEPH
with stage kitten DAHVYAHNNA

Masquerade and fetish wear strongly encouraged. Indulge as the Mad Monk would in one of the many drinks specials!!

Rasputin's Room was featured as one of PW's Top Weekend Picks:

Rasputin's Room was also highlighted in the recent Philadelphia Weekly article "one day in Philadelphia: 24 hours of life in the city"


Oct 6, 2013

SNAPPED! Nurse Bettie - Fan Pics Week in Review

This past week at Nurse Bettie's modest-but-action-packed stage saw a lot of international performers from Europe and national performers from outside NYC! And a private birthday party for a fan of mine who saw me on "Oddities" which apparently is now airing in the UK because I received a few notes on Facebook from people who saw my episode then dropped by to say hello.

Here are some of my favorite highlights from fans who posted on Instagram.

The debut of a sacrificial lamb: TigerBay Lambykins. Hilarious act that I call "crazy cat lady".

Miss Catwings from Hawaii! 

My birthday fan dance for Kathy!

Gogo-ing for bachelorettes - these ladies and a few gents MADE IT RAIN $$$$$ - Thank you!

The amazing and beautiful Xarah from Amsterdam/Berlin

Lastly from my own "Backstage Thursday" - Xarah and Miss Vampfire from Italy

Oct 3, 2013

"Drunken Dragon Nights" at Macao Trading Company, Photo by Mark Shelby Perry

Photo by Mark Shelby Perry
Next Monday is the October edition of "Drunken Dragon Nights"! RSVP at This month we are thrilled to host a party for Santa Teresa Rum (a 4 generation family owned company!) with an open bar from 9-10pm then drink specials there on. I've got Gal Friday and Rosie 151 - two of the hottest redheads in NYC burlesque - and Miss Catwings from Hawaii on the bill! What do you get when two redheads and two Asians walk in a bar? Well, you'll have to RSVP and hope to get on the guest list to find out!

Sep 22, 2013

SNAPPED! Philly's Fringe Arts Festival - Late Night Cabaret

I had an amazing week first in Scott Johnson's 6th Annual Late Nite Cabaret at Underground Arts then in Boston at The Beehive! Took the Megabus to Philly (for THREE DOLLARS) and Amtrak to Boston and back to NYC. Amtrak was the smoothest and easiest way to travel especially if you are not leaving from the horrible experience known as Penn Station. I found some great fan photos from Philadelphia. Philly people, you rule!!

Sep 13, 2013

SNAPPED! Thursday at Nurse Bettie

It was Megan's bachelorette party. She wore a cute lil Victorian cocktail hat which I said was very tasteful and more imaginative than a penis crown. She was up for the dance-off contest. Of her two opponents, a guy named Les was also celebrating his bachelor party. They were a really nice group of guys who yelled out to me as I was leaving the venue, "Calamity! We are all a little in love with you" - just a little!? Well, can't knock the boys for being realistic! LOL. Megan's other opponent was this huge beefy guy who looked like he was from "Storage Wars". I said that and everyone laughed although I don't know why that was funny cause for reals, he looked like a Storage Wars or Pawn Shop person! Megan won the dance-off.

Sep 10, 2013

I'm in p3culiar's "Menea" Music Video Debut on!

Burlesque performers are approached very, very often by budding photographers, aspiring filmmakers, clothing designers etc to collaborate on projects. When I first started in this wonderful world of striptease I jumped at every opportunity that came my way hoping to get new photos or to get new opportunities. Most of the time, nothing really comes out of the project or the end product is disappointing, exhibited in the wrong context, or gets minimal exposure, and certainly nothing that  "opened doors".

Over time I've learned to be selective about who I work with and which emails to respond to.  Sometimes you hit gold as in my case working with Steve McQueen on his 2011 film Shame and sitting for a portrait for Van Sarki's Burlesque Compere.

The most recent project that I worked on is a music video for "Menea" (feat. Cakes the Killa) a project out of the entity known as P3culiar self described as "odd music by Marcelo C. Baez." Marcelo is a bit of an unique character himself. First thing I did was google him. Thin, sharp angular facial features. Piercing blue eyes. He has a regal air about him like the prince of Latin hipsters or an ultra cool bon vivant. And that he is also very photogenic and a bit of a celebrity. He has been written up and interviewed by several night life and music magazines for the dance parties he throwns known as "Nacotheque".
Marcelo on the right
What makes his music different is the Latin influence mixed in with electro clash. Oh and he also writes (A Love Letter to Tijuana, ABC News). He grew up in California and in Mexico so I felt like I connected with his words (read the blog post here) because I also grew up multi-culturally. Having Spanish as my second language (English is my third and Mandarin Chinese is my first) and having grown up in Bolivia, South America then Texas where Mexican culture was a prominent influence, I immediately liked what he was all about. Then, one hot sweaty afternoon, I met with the director Angelita Mendoza (Vidi Vici Films along with Victor Capiz) on the rooftop cafeteria garden of the building where Nickelodeon and a bunch of other TV networks are in. I haven't totally committed to the project and needed to get a vibe of their vision, idea, and really, is this a music video that's not going to see the light of day? I was asked to commit an entire weekend to the shoot, for approximately 8-10 hours a day. I HAD to make sure my time was going to be well spent.

Angie described her vision of the video which is inspired by the "Mexploitation" films of the 1970s (also known as "sexycomedias" or "cine de ficheras"). She knew her references and had the storyboards. I play myself as Calamity Chang but my character in the video is inspired by the famous & VERY vavavoom Mexican burlesque dancer of Chinese heritage Lyn May! I was like WHAT?!? Sign me up! This was to me a sign. I'm Chinese but I feel a strong affinity to Mexican culture, and now she was telling me about Lyn May who I've never heard of. How serendipitous! And I really liked Angie's energy. She was articulate, smart, and laughed (I don't trust people who don't laugh). I was on board!

I loved working with Angie and her crew. It was so fun to spend the weekend with them portraying an unhappy Mexican-Chinese housewife who indulges in a cabaret party fantasy. We shot at Fontana's in the Lower East Side/Chinatown. I had the opportunity to see the video before the international debut on air and I think it's very fun and very funny to see me dubbed over in English in a faux-cine de ficheras). I also love the song Menea (which means "to gyrate" technically but I think in this context perhaps "to grind" is more fitting!)  

I hope you enjoy the music video! It debuted today on (Telemundo's MTV).There are two versions. The first one is "starred" and you can hear the VJ introducing the video. The second one is not censored!

SNAPPED! Gal Friday at Drunken Dragon Nights at Macao Trading Co. Last Night

This isn't a SNAPPED! of me, but of Gal Friday last night. I just loved this fan's IG video of her doing what she's best doin'! She is the resident DDN performer meaning she is with me every first Monday of the month.

Sep 4, 2013

NEW SHOW: L’hommesque: La Crème de la Crème (BOYS! BOYS! BOYS!)

Photo by Malgorzata Saniewska
For the first time ever! Duane Park brings you an all-man, 100% all-beef cast featuring the hottest shaking men in the boylesque scene. Hosted by Calamity Chang, “The Asian Sexsation,” this late night show will require you to keep your zippers in the upright position as the bevy of boys take to the Duane Park stage for the first time ever.

Joining us will be Tigger! “The Godfather of Boylesque,”  the six-foot-four glass of water, Mr. Gorgeous,  the beefy International Heart Breaker Brewster McCall, and the hairless wonder in the air, trapeze artist Jason Mejias, with sexy gogo boys and more.

A show where anything can happen and everything can come off... and will.

September 20th, October 25th, November 15th + December 20th 2013

Seating begins at 11:45pm with show at 12:30am.
Kitchen open until 2am.

$30 minimum per person at tables  + $20 minimum per person at bar.

Reservations at 212.732.5555 or

DUANE PARK ­‐ 308 BOWERY NYC NY 10012 ­‐ 212.732.5555

Sep 3, 2013

"About the Female Hysteria" tonight at Parkside Lounge

Our friend Stacie Joy, burlesque supporter and amazing live performance photographer, interviews me and Coco Te Amo (13th mentee in the Driver's Seat mentorship program) about her show tonight called "Women on the Edge" in East Village Grieve.

About the Female Hysteria tonight at Parkside Lounge

Sep 1, 2013

Back to Boston's The Beehive on Thursday 9/19

I'm so excited to return to Boston's restaurant and live music venue The Beehive on Thursday, Sept 19! This will be my third time performing there and I'm more than happy that Bettina May will be returning with me again. Lil Steph from Philadelphia will be joining me on this trip too. I love having a diverse cast: a blonde, a redhead, and me - the Asian Sexsation! I really love working with The Beehive staff and owners. They treat us really well and everything runs on schedule with no glitches.

You can read my previous two posts performing at The Beehive. One for New Year's Eve "Champagne Soaked in Boston!"and Boston Fashion Week October 3, 2012

Aug 27, 2013

SNAPPED! Monday Night Bingo at Hotel Chantelle with Murray Hill & Linda Simpson

I always have a lot of fun working as the spokesmodel at bingo nights with Murray and Linda at Hotel Chantelle. I get to basically prance around showing all the prizes while Murray plays corny sound effects as I Vanna-White about. I also sell bingo cards to people as they get progressively more drunk through the night and then I pose for pictures with them! I get to dress up, walk around, and socialize and take people's money. My favorite kind of job! Murr & Linda's banter always crack me up - they are like an old married couple. The audience absolutely adore them. I try to get my Murray/Linda fix once a month on Monday nights at Hotel Chantelle, and I also try to get my Linda fix once a month at her Saturday Bingo at Le Poisson Rouge with DJ Formika.

More about bingo!

Aug 8, 2013

SNAPPED! Last night at "Nuit Blanche" at Beaumarchais Brasserie

Last night' show (presented by Dances of Vice) was SO fun! What makes a show stand out more than another is the audience. And there were a lot of them, and all gorgeous! Lots of girls who were celebrating birthdays or just out looking amazing. Case in point, Enette the birthday girl showed up with about 10 other hot girl friends of hers and they were just the best table to flirt with! There were an unusual amount of gorgeous and stylish ladies last night - I bet my period is going to come earlier this month!

Aug 6, 2013

SNAPPED! Last Night's Bar Bath at Macao Trading Company "Drunken Dragon Night"

SNAPPED by Audiomixer from my monthly show Drunken Dragon Night at Macao Trading Company. It was an EPIC night complete with Louis Royer Cognac repped by Jennifer (sitting on the right). I always end the show with a bar champagne bath. The timing however of the "bathing" isn't always accurate because, as you can see from the clip, Danilo got really into the music which was Def Leppard's "Pour some sugar on me", and I kept looking back at him going, "Now! Now! Now!" LOL But it was all good in the end.

Aug 5, 2013

SNAPPED! Sneak clip from last night's show: Lone Star Follies An All Texan Burlesque Spectacular!

SNAPPED! By performer extraordinaire and co-producer of Dallas' Ruby Revue Ginger Valentine. I was really honored to have the Ruby Revue girls in the show along with Perle Noire and all of our NYC performers. The show was kick ass, if I may say so myself. The Reformed Whores (Katie and Marie) NAILED it as hosts. I couldn't have asked for a funnier, dirtier, more charming and talented duo to run our show! We'll have lots more photos to post this week! If you were there, feel free to post your photos on social media and tag us! #lonestar

Jul 27, 2013

Casual Racism: "It was a joke!"

I was watching a new Bravo reality show the other night called Chef Roble and Co. It's another "celebrity chef" show about Roble who owns a restaurant in Brooklyn somewhere. He's Black American and is very charming and video-genetic. Obviously he's a good fit for a new culinary show in a landscape of predominantly Caucasian celebrity chefs. I was kinda diggin' his show cause it's such a racially diverse cast. The episode I was watching there was a quasi-girlfriend figure involved. They were sitting by the river and it looked like it was chilly. She's gorgeous, naturally. You can't put a fresh face in a new show and bill him as the new hot exotic chef without a beautiful accessory on his arm. He comments on how cold she seems to be (She's wearing shorts with tights, tall boots, a jacket and sunglasses - appears to be late autumn in NYC when this was filmed), and he suggests they leave the riverside. She quips, "Yeah, I'm dressed like a character from Harry Potter." And he replies, "You are dressed like a Chinese hooker." Then ha, ha. And fade out. End of episode.

I was really upset by that comment. Why not just a hooker but a CHINESE hooker? I was shocked that Bravo ran that, well maybe that's the whole "point" of a reality show. But seriously? That is what I call casual racism. And this includes stupid jokes about Asian women having horizontal vaginas that people have "joked" to me (YES!) and then when I express my annoyance and tell them it's racist, their response? "It was a joke!" It's not like Chef Roble is Steel Panther singing "Asian Hooker" which is a consistent fit in the faux-hair metal band's repertoire of ironic songs about the 80s such as strippers, cocaine, the Sunset Strip, and hookers.

It was a joke. Was it really? Was I laughing? If it's a joke about something like MY heritage then I better be motherfucking laughing if you are gonna be telling me that I have a horizontal vagina! No one intentionally tries to be racist (if they were, they would be in the KKK!), because "it was a joke!" It is always a joke. But the truth is - its casual racism.  Those who are committing racist expressions have a privileged point of view. That is what it means to have privilege. One simply does not see how that expression is hurtful or offensive to another because "it's never crossed my mind". Well, it's never crossed their mind because they've never had to think about it. The worst though is the absolutely HORRIBLE pacifying response that I hear way too much, "it was a joke," as if I'M uptight for having to deflect or explain why "Chinese hooker" or horizontal vagina jokes are not funny.

Hearing that casual remark that Roble made on his show is just an example to me of how pervasive casual racism is. It made me wince when I heard it and has been bothering me ever since then.

Jul 8, 2013

New Hotel Photos & Web Site Updates

Here one new photo from my Hotel Series taken recently at Mondrian Hotel, Los Angeles. You can see more from this set on my newly organized and smartphone-friendly web site at

I used the wonderfully easy and fun to build my site. I am SO happy with their service, I can't stop fiddling with the interface! Not sure how many of you know that my "other" career during the sun hours is a designer. Yup. I work in advertising. Have been in the field for over 10 years! I totally dated myself haha. I am actually in the "Associate Creative Director" position but since I have been freelancing for over a decade (I am a commitment-phobe), I do taken on Senior Art Director roles too. So, speaking as a visual designer, Wix is amazing!! I am really impressed with the templates they offer. The majority of them are really well-designed. I can tell they spent time and money on hiring good designers to create these templates. It's also so fun adding and dropping stuff. Who needs to hire an agency to design web sites for them anymore?? Haha. Seriously. This is perfect for small businesses (yes, ecomm shopping cart available for the premium package), artists, photographers, and BURLESQUE PERFORMERS! It is critical nowadays to make sure your site is smartphone friendly. Flash is pretty much obselte nowadays unless you are making banner ads. And think about it, most of our burlesque sites are viewed on someone's phone since our content is NSFW.

The beauty of using Wix is that I didn't have to code anything. I am old-skool. Yes, I used to handcode all HTML. But no more! Now I have more time to go make pretty things OFFLINE!

Photo by Mike Webb Photography

Jul 5, 2013

Idées Reçues - Episode III - Le burlesque avec Louise de Ville

French speakers, here's an interview with Louise de Ville, producer of Pretty Propaganda, a weekly show in Paris where I performed at in April. There's not a big scene in Paris, contrary to what we Americans think here or at least in New York. Given the rich history and culture of France, we would think that burlesque is quite the norm there but it is actually the opposite. For instance, here in NYC, one can go see a burlesque show pretty much every night of the week. But there, the weekly shows are rare. Louise's "Pretty Propaganda" is one of the weekly shows (Wednesdays at La Manufacture Rock Bar).

Jul 4, 2013

Downtown Meets Uptown on Wednesday, July 24 at Cafe Tallulah!

I'm excited to announce a new burlesque and cocktail event in the Upper West Side! 
Join me, Nikki LeVillain, and Rosie Rose for burlesque and cocktails at Cafe Tallulah's inaugural kick off event starting at 8pm with a cocktail class led by Head Bartender Nesha followed by burlesque at 9pm. 
The Class costs $25, and is being offered to the first 20 people who sign up. To reserve a spot, please email
The burlesque show will start at 9pm and is free of charge.
This will be the most fun evening on the Upper West Side this Summer. 

Jun 28, 2013


Take out your ten gallon and polish your spurs, the Lone Star Follies: An All-Texan Burlesque Spectacular will ring your cow bell and butter your biscuit.

Brought to you by Calamity Chang and Grace Gotham, this red hot revue features touring Texas burlesque starlets in a rare visit to NYC: Ginger Valentine, Missy Lisa, and Angi B'Lovely; as well as an array of Texpat burlesque bombshells who call NYC their home: Perle Noire, Calamity Chang, Grace Gotham, Stormy Leather, Bombazeen Bean, and Melody Jane.

Tie one on to the antics of trick ropin' bull whippin' cowboy Chris McDaniel and soak in the southern hospitality from your hosts, The Reformed Whores, in what is sure to be a sexy, chicken-fried, Texas-sized burly-q hootenanny.

Doors 7:45; Show 8 p.m.
$35 Advance; $40 Door
(plus a required 2-drink minimum)
Advance ticket link to come shortly via Brown Paper Tickets.

Stage 72 (aka Triad Theater)
158 East 72nd Street, 2nd Floor
(Between Columbus & Amsterdam)
Upper West Side, NYC
SUNDAY AUGUST 4, 2013 8PM at Stage 72 NYC

As rare as snow in Texas, this is an ONE NIGHT ONLY event of all Texas performers under one NYC roof!

May 19, 2013

Jumping All Over the World

I've been collecting a series of jumping shots of me where I go. I love doing these shots. They represent a moment suspended in time and air in my life where I glimpse my body in motion. As a performer we are always very aware of our body and movement, but in mid-air, you catch yourself in unguarded poses (and facial expressions) that gravity forces on you. I love seeing what my face and my hands are doing in these shots totally unaware! I will share these shots as I collect them through my travels.
Petit Jean Mountain, Arkansas

Petit Jean Mountain, Arkansas

Monmartre district in Paris. You can see my white underwear!

Somewhere on a typical Parisian street

Paris door with Medusa carvings

Monmartre district in Paris, France

Elizabeth Street, NYC

Left Bank near St. Germain, Paris, France

Paris, France

Parc Monceau, Paris, France

Paris, France

Pagoda in Paris

More ninja style! Un Chinois in Paris!

Apr 14, 2013

Mei Ling Burlesque Tribute - Photo Set

You may know about my burlesque tribute act to Mei Ling as shown at the end of this post. There are quite a few "Mei Lings" out there but this one is the one I've developed a tribute act to. I guess "Mei Ling" was a popular name for "oriental" exotic dancers in the 1940s! Not much is known about my Mei Ling other than that she signed her autograph with a knowing humour, "orientally yours".
Here are a couple of black and white portraits that I couldn't post on Facebook along with the rest of the series showing full costume. The video clip of my act can also be seen at the end of this post.

Copyright ©2013 Mike Webb Photography

Copyright ©2013 Mike Webb Photography

Copyright ©2013 Mike Webb Photography

Copyright ©2013 Mike Webb Photography

Copyright ©2013 Mike Webb Photography

Copyright ©2013 Mike Webb Photography

Copyright ©2013 Mike Webb Photography

Copyright ©2013 Mike Webb Photography

The Original Mei Ling!

Apr 3, 2013

Mistaken Identity - a Rant!

Today I want to address something that has been bothering me for a long while. That is the problem of being mistaken for another performer. In my case, my fellow friend and performer Minx Arcana gets mistaken for me ALL THE TIME. I haven't been mistaken as her mainly because she's a relatively new performer in the scene. She has walked down the street when someone called out, "Calamity! We love your fan dance!" She's sick of being mistaken as me and rightfully so for she has her own identity and style to establish, and our performance styles are not similar. One time she finally replied, "Wrong Asian."

It didn't bother me the first couple of times she told me about these awkward encounters. But it has really gotten on my nerves by the 20th time! Most recently I got a Facebook email that said, "SO-and-so tagged you in a picture" and of course the photographer had tagged ME as Minx who performed at a show I've never ever performed in! On top of that, I found out through others who were present at that particular show, the photographer in question was there the entire show! What an idiot! I'm sorry, but if your job is to look at faces and people for a living, he fucked up or maybe it's just blatant ignorance at the lightest and racism at the darkest.

I don't want to "go there" but all this does feel like there is a racist subtext. "All Asians look alike." Culturally, people don't say all Black people look alike. Or all Hispanics look alike. They DO say that about Asian people. How many times have I heard that growing up? My friend Dyske even made a satirical site years ago called All Look Same, an online aptitude test to test your knowledge of how to tell Asians apart. The site states, "Is there any truth to the stereotype, or is it ignorance? Well, enter the exam room here and find out for yourself. We have eight tests in different categories such as face, art, architecture, and food. Remember: We are not here to make a statement; it's a question. Good luck and enjoy."

I've talked to performers who are not Asian and several redheaded performers said they get mistaken for each other, as do some of the black performers of a certain body type and hair styles. Some friends have calmly theorized that audience members are not necessarily doing a careful character study of performers but rather just taking general impressions when watching us perform. That made sooome sense to me. A certain height. A certain hairstyle and color. Skin tone similarities. Oh, same person!

But nevertheless I am here to say - it pisses me off!

If any performers of an ethnic background out there reading this, please feel free to comment your experience and how YOU deal with these feelings of oversight, ignorance, and sheer stupidity.

Mar 31, 2013

Mei Ling Tribute Burlesque Act!

You read my previous post about my Mei Ling tribute act and here is the video clip of it from this Saturday night's performance at the Robin Byrd Show Live at The Cutting Room NYC! Robin's show is taking a summer hiatus after April 13 so make sure you catch it before her summer vacation in Fire Island! She does shows out there too so just find her on Facebook!

Mar 30, 2013

New Photos of "Les Fleurs de Shanghai" at the NEW Duane Park!

Time Out New York came to photograph my vintage Shanghai show "Les Fleurs de Shanghai" this Wednesday at the new Duane Park on the Bowery. As you can see from some of these gorgeous photos that Filip Wolak took, the new space is more "manor" than "chez"!  See Slideshow >

I debuted my Mei Ling tribute act this week as well at Duane Park dancing to "Plum Blossom" by Li Xiang Lan which was her Mandarin stage name. She was a Japanese born singer raised in Manchuria who became a film star and singer during the second Sino Japanese war and subsequently became a controversial figure in popular culture due to her bi-nationality. She was accused of treason by the Chinese government for her Japanese background and affiliations, acquitted, then refashioned herself as a Japanese actress "Yoshiko Yamaguchi" then as an American-Chinese actress as "Shirley Yamaguchi". You can read more about her on Wikipedia.

Mei Ling original vintage photo on the far left. My re-creation after. Photo by Filip Wolak for Time Out NY. >

My robe was made and hand-painted by JAMIE VON STRATTON who has made several other sequin dresses for me. The headpiece is made by none other than Amber Ray Accouterments, and the inner linings (bra, panties, sheer panels) were made by Wae Messed.

Mar 20, 2013

New Photos by Jane Kratochvil at Macao Trading Company

The talented photographer Jane Kratochvil took these beautiful photos on Monday night where I performed at Macao Trading Company with Dandy Wellington and His Band for their monthly show "SouthSea Soirees". I have just returned from my week long hiking family trip in the Ozarks, and I wasn't quite sure how "on" I would be from a week off away from eyelashes, glitter, bobby pins, etc etc. But once I got there, I was right back in the groove! It was totally packed despite the random snow storm that hit NYC all Monday. I was happy to see all my Macao family like Bryan, Paula, Uros, and so many more. I admit with some guilt, that somehow when you are having this much fun, it doesn't feel like work!

It's always an exquisite luxury for me to perform in another producer/performer's show so that I can just perform and not have to do everything else too. On top of this, Jane is so easy to work with and a sheer talent to work with. We had some time before each act to do some portraits downstairs and really work with the Asian influenced decor at Macao.

Dandy is there on the 3rd Monday of every month, and I am there with "Drunken Dragon Nights" on the 1st Monday of the month. We try to work together as often as we can! He is also at Hotel Chantelle on Tuesday nights and on Saturday during brunch hours.

Photo by Jane Kratochvil

Photo by Jane Kratochvil

Photo by Jane Kratochvil

Photo by Jane Kratochvil
With Kirsty and Suzette. All the girls who work at Macao, I gotta say, are super cool, stylish, and awesome people. Photo by Jane Kratochvil

Photo by Jane Kratochvil

Downstairs where I usually do my "Drunken Dragon Nights" show. Photo by Jane Kratochvil

Photo by Jane Kratochvil

The one and only Dandy Wellington! Photo by Jane Kratochvil

Photo by Jane Kratochvil