Sep 17, 2012

Boston Fashion Week October 3, 2012

I was able to happily dodge New York Fashion Week by spending the majority of that stiletto-clad bitchy hungry women time away in Texas celebrating my mom's birthday. However, I will be smack in the middle of Boston's Fashion Week on October 3 performing with Bettina May and Medianoche at The Beehive in an event called "Undressed".

The Beehive is also where I rang in 2012 along with Stormy Leather. I love traveling and performing and this year I'm doing more and more of that. Here's a clip from my performance at The Beehive's New Year's Eve party.

As always, the proprietors of The Beehive treat us like queens. We will be spending a couple of nights at the luxury boutique hotel Revere. Any recommendations of cool speakeasies near the Boston Common neighborhood for us?