Jun 1, 2014

My Obsession with Northfork Wine Trail

Since I took over producing Elle Dorado's monthly show Soirée Noir at George Martin Strip Steak Restaurant in Long Island (Great River), I've been going out to this stretch of land only two hours out of NYC to explore and absorb the environs. I can't believe it's taken me 13 years of living in rat cage NYC to discover the wonders and charm of bucolic farm land, the easy seaside of Greenport, lots of farm to table restaurants (amazing oysters), and the wonderful Northfork Wine Trail!

I've taken my parents there for a day trip recently and just this weekend I brought two of my girl friends out to experience this part of New York.

Of the many many vineyards in Northfork I had to bring everyone to McCall Vineyard which is the family business of fellow performer Brewster McCall! The wines there are delicious and it's on acres and acres of land you can take a stroll through to look at the cows and calfs. McCall also supplies organic grass fed beef to the prestigious Northfork Table & Inn. Brewster is so knowledgeable about wine making and answered many of our questions about wine and history of the town.
L to R: Michael, Minx, Brewster McCall, Dakota, Toni

We had so much fun there and I guess our conversation was so lively and so intrigued the table of 3 gents near us that they sent us a bottle of wine! They said they were thoroughly entertained by our conversations that they couldn't help sending us a bottle to share. I think they had their eyes on my friends Dakota & Toni!

After our wine tasting and the bottle sent over we walked out to the field to look at the livestock but we never made it that far cause we ended up doing this:

The Vineyard Coven

Then this:

And this:

We also went to Macari Wines which was very nice as well with the same quiet nice vibe. Some of the vineyards out there are bit douchey in the frat sense. Like a Murray Hill bar but outdoors with benches. I took my parents to one a few weeks ago and the tasting room was a huge high ceilinged room cacophonous and impersonal. The outside space was even more impersonal. The first thing I heard was a guy pumping his fists in the air yelling, "Rangers! Rangers!" Lots of backwards baseball caps. I said hell no I didn't leave midtown to be around midtown. I turned my parents right back around and went elsewhere. So be careful which place you pick. It makes a world of difference in your experience. The places that say "Limos and buses welcome!" Are probably not the best in terms of having a refined intimidate experience. Another one of my favorites is Croteaux where they only make rosé wines. A must go for the rosé lover, the Parisienne or the romantic!

We also went to Jamesport Vineyard on Friday. That was very nice with a beautiful garden and a good selection of reds and whites. They only had one risé and it wasn't available for two more weeks. I would go back again when they have food. One thing I've noticed is that all the vineyards I've gone to have lush, thick green lawn that feel SO good on your feet. After a couple of glasses and the sun warming your skin there's nothing like the feel of cool fresh scented grass to wiggle your toes into. Croteaux doesn't have lawn tho since they have more of a pebbled patio.