Sep 22, 2013

SNAPPED! Philly's Fringe Arts Festival - Late Night Cabaret

I had an amazing week first in Scott Johnson's 6th Annual Late Nite Cabaret at Underground Arts then in Boston at The Beehive! Took the Megabus to Philly (for THREE DOLLARS) and Amtrak to Boston and back to NYC. Amtrak was the smoothest and easiest way to travel especially if you are not leaving from the horrible experience known as Penn Station. I found some great fan photos from Philadelphia. Philly people, you rule!!

Sep 13, 2013

SNAPPED! Thursday at Nurse Bettie

It was Megan's bachelorette party. She wore a cute lil Victorian cocktail hat which I said was very tasteful and more imaginative than a penis crown. She was up for the dance-off contest. Of her two opponents, a guy named Les was also celebrating his bachelor party. They were a really nice group of guys who yelled out to me as I was leaving the venue, "Calamity! We are all a little in love with you" - just a little!? Well, can't knock the boys for being realistic! LOL. Megan's other opponent was this huge beefy guy who looked like he was from "Storage Wars". I said that and everyone laughed although I don't know why that was funny cause for reals, he looked like a Storage Wars or Pawn Shop person! Megan won the dance-off.

Sep 10, 2013

I'm in p3culiar's "Menea" Music Video Debut on!

Burlesque performers are approached very, very often by budding photographers, aspiring filmmakers, clothing designers etc to collaborate on projects. When I first started in this wonderful world of striptease I jumped at every opportunity that came my way hoping to get new photos or to get new opportunities. Most of the time, nothing really comes out of the project or the end product is disappointing, exhibited in the wrong context, or gets minimal exposure, and certainly nothing that  "opened doors".

Over time I've learned to be selective about who I work with and which emails to respond to.  Sometimes you hit gold as in my case working with Steve McQueen on his 2011 film Shame and sitting for a portrait for Van Sarki's Burlesque Compere.

The most recent project that I worked on is a music video for "Menea" (feat. Cakes the Killa) a project out of the entity known as P3culiar self described as "odd music by Marcelo C. Baez." Marcelo is a bit of an unique character himself. First thing I did was google him. Thin, sharp angular facial features. Piercing blue eyes. He has a regal air about him like the prince of Latin hipsters or an ultra cool bon vivant. And that he is also very photogenic and a bit of a celebrity. He has been written up and interviewed by several night life and music magazines for the dance parties he throwns known as "Nacotheque".
Marcelo on the right
What makes his music different is the Latin influence mixed in with electro clash. Oh and he also writes (A Love Letter to Tijuana, ABC News). He grew up in California and in Mexico so I felt like I connected with his words (read the blog post here) because I also grew up multi-culturally. Having Spanish as my second language (English is my third and Mandarin Chinese is my first) and having grown up in Bolivia, South America then Texas where Mexican culture was a prominent influence, I immediately liked what he was all about. Then, one hot sweaty afternoon, I met with the director Angelita Mendoza (Vidi Vici Films along with Victor Capiz) on the rooftop cafeteria garden of the building where Nickelodeon and a bunch of other TV networks are in. I haven't totally committed to the project and needed to get a vibe of their vision, idea, and really, is this a music video that's not going to see the light of day? I was asked to commit an entire weekend to the shoot, for approximately 8-10 hours a day. I HAD to make sure my time was going to be well spent.

Angie described her vision of the video which is inspired by the "Mexploitation" films of the 1970s (also known as "sexycomedias" or "cine de ficheras"). She knew her references and had the storyboards. I play myself as Calamity Chang but my character in the video is inspired by the famous & VERY vavavoom Mexican burlesque dancer of Chinese heritage Lyn May! I was like WHAT?!? Sign me up! This was to me a sign. I'm Chinese but I feel a strong affinity to Mexican culture, and now she was telling me about Lyn May who I've never heard of. How serendipitous! And I really liked Angie's energy. She was articulate, smart, and laughed (I don't trust people who don't laugh). I was on board!

I loved working with Angie and her crew. It was so fun to spend the weekend with them portraying an unhappy Mexican-Chinese housewife who indulges in a cabaret party fantasy. We shot at Fontana's in the Lower East Side/Chinatown. I had the opportunity to see the video before the international debut on air and I think it's very fun and very funny to see me dubbed over in English in a faux-cine de ficheras). I also love the song Menea (which means "to gyrate" technically but I think in this context perhaps "to grind" is more fitting!)  

I hope you enjoy the music video! It debuted today on (Telemundo's MTV).There are two versions. The first one is "starred" and you can hear the VJ introducing the video. The second one is not censored!

SNAPPED! Gal Friday at Drunken Dragon Nights at Macao Trading Co. Last Night

This isn't a SNAPPED! of me, but of Gal Friday last night. I just loved this fan's IG video of her doing what she's best doin'! She is the resident DDN performer meaning she is with me every first Monday of the month.

Sep 4, 2013

NEW SHOW: L’hommesque: La Crème de la Crème (BOYS! BOYS! BOYS!)

Photo by Malgorzata Saniewska
For the first time ever! Duane Park brings you an all-man, 100% all-beef cast featuring the hottest shaking men in the boylesque scene. Hosted by Calamity Chang, “The Asian Sexsation,” this late night show will require you to keep your zippers in the upright position as the bevy of boys take to the Duane Park stage for the first time ever.

Joining us will be Tigger! “The Godfather of Boylesque,”  the six-foot-four glass of water, Mr. Gorgeous,  the beefy International Heart Breaker Brewster McCall, and the hairless wonder in the air, trapeze artist Jason Mejias, with sexy gogo boys and more.

A show where anything can happen and everything can come off... and will.

September 20th, October 25th, November 15th + December 20th 2013

Seating begins at 11:45pm with show at 12:30am.
Kitchen open until 2am.

$30 minimum per person at tables  + $20 minimum per person at bar.

Reservations at 212.732.5555 or

DUANE PARK ­‐ 308 BOWERY NYC NY 10012 ­‐ 212.732.5555

Sep 3, 2013

"About the Female Hysteria" tonight at Parkside Lounge

Our friend Stacie Joy, burlesque supporter and amazing live performance photographer, interviews me and Coco Te Amo (13th mentee in the Driver's Seat mentorship program) about her show tonight called "Women on the Edge" in East Village Grieve.

About the Female Hysteria tonight at Parkside Lounge

Sep 1, 2013

Back to Boston's The Beehive on Thursday 9/19

I'm so excited to return to Boston's restaurant and live music venue The Beehive on Thursday, Sept 19! This will be my third time performing there and I'm more than happy that Bettina May will be returning with me again. Lil Steph from Philadelphia will be joining me on this trip too. I love having a diverse cast: a blonde, a redhead, and me - the Asian Sexsation! I really love working with The Beehive staff and owners. They treat us really well and everything runs on schedule with no glitches.

You can read my previous two posts performing at The Beehive. One for New Year's Eve "Champagne Soaked in Boston!"and Boston Fashion Week October 3, 2012