Mar 23, 2011

"I am the Walrus" Beatles Burlesque 1 Year Anniv Show

Mar 18, 2011

Drunk Guys at Shows

I hate St. Patrick's Day. I was able to avoid all visual reminders today because I didn't leave the office at all. My lunch was delivered to me via by using their app on my iPhone. The only time I saw some dumb people wearing all green and wearing leprechaun flop hats was on the subway going home. And why is it always white people who get all greened up for this holiday? I was anticipating the worst tonight at Nurse Bettie and was probably a bit prickly when I got there. But pleasantly to my surprise, it was not douchey at all. Generally speaking, Nurse Bettie does not attract a fraternity crowd or a more "ghetto" crowd like The Delancey. But every now and then, you get that ONE stupid guy who is drunk and misbehaves, and I picked him out right off the bat! His friend was okay and acted like he was embarrassed by his friend's loudmouth, obnoxious behavior. During the dance-off game, the obnoxious one particularly threw himself on the stage without knowing what he was in for. Then he actually SLAPPED my butt!!! I was like, "Oh, no you didn't!!" I stopped explaining to the audience the rules of the game and said, "If you touch me again, I will kick you out of this bar." I felt like I had to say that so many times tonight! Sometimes doing a show at a bar environment is great fun cause its rowdy and wild, but the crowd management and reading the audience can piss me off really quick. So his poor friend did the dance off, and he was a good sport. But the obnoxious one refused to dance! I wanted to hang him by the balls on the hangers on the wall!!! Alex, the bartender that we all love, grandly stepped in and helped finish the game. The best part? When the judging time came, NO ONE clapped for the obnoxious guy's friend. It's not his fault but I think the audience was on my side and transferred their dislike to the other guy. Seriously. I even asked twice for their applause and I think a girl actually boo-ed. The rest of the show was grand. All the girls were great and really "brung" it as always.

I can't wait to upload the amazing pictures that Francine Daveta took of the last Beatles Burlesque One Year Anniversary show! As soon as I have some downtime over the weekend, I am going to take care of that and edit a couple more of our popular montages too. Here's a sneak preview!

Curtain call


Charlie Gunn was sacrificied

Bettina May

Mar 5, 2011

Post-Flu Pick Me Ups!

I am finally feeling better today! I hate to cancel shows but I am glad I did for Thursday at Nurse Bettie and Friday at Hotel Chantelle, because I would have been coughing throughout the show and giving my germs to everyone around me, including the microphone. This whole week was a blur. Not even sure what today was until I looked at my iCal. I went out and did some errands for the first time today too. Stopped by Rainbo, my favorite ghetto ass store on Delancey Street right next to the 24hour McDonald's and bought some bling. Then I blinged out my bra top by adding strands of rhinestones on the straps and along the bra cup for tonight's private gig that I'm doing (by coincidence) at Hotel Chantelle. I'm sure I can manage 6 minutes without coughing. But just in case, I am armed with a box of DayQuil.