Mar 3, 2015

3rd Annual Asian Burlesque Spectacular, May 30, 2015

We have finalized our cast for the 3rd year! Like last year we commissioned Yao Xiao to create our poster art work. I have received many inquiries from burlesque performers nationally about how to be involved. This makes me so happy when I receive an inquiry, because I am getting to know more and more Asian performers out there! Right now this one-night event is by invitation only. We, that is, the producers (Jen Gapay, Sukki Singapora, and myself) hope to turn this to a 2-3 day festival soon and be able to have an open application process. In the meantime if you are interested to be involved in the event in the next year, please feel free to email me your video clip of the act you would like to submit. We are always casting through the year and it's never too early to get in the pool!

Tickets are available online >

Oct 30, 2014

Finally the 2015 Nurse Bettie Burlesque Calendar!

After months of planning and working the 2015 Nurse Bettie Burlesque Calendar is finally available for purchase online! I am so proud of all twelve performers who brought their A-game to every shoot, and it seemed like every time we had a shoot it was raining cats and dogs. I am beyond happy with the final photos that Lucy La Riot took at her studio. I had a lot of fun concept-ing the theme for each month with Lucy as we didn't want to re-do all the usual themes you see in most calendars. For instance, instead of doing yet another heart-shaped cutesy-cute for Valentine's Day in February, I wanted to bring an element of Chinese New Year (Thursday, February 19, 2015). For July, I wanted to feature Bettina May who is the first person to receive a US Green Card based on her burlesque career. It doesn't get more American than her story. We are New York City after all and there's a whole lot of diversity here and that is what makes this calendar different. Although I really enjoyed styling everyone's shoot from costuming options to poses, it was EXHAUSTING! I have a deeper appreciation for stylists who work on photo shoots now. By the end of that first weekend when we shot back to back for 8 hours straight, I slept for 12 hours the next day.
On sale now:
To see a preview of all the months inside, just click the link above! 

The calendars measure 8x8 square and have 28 pages. They are saddle-stitched and are packaged with cardboard to prevent bending or folding. We are selling them through the printer's site at MagCloud, who I really enjoyed working with the last few months.

The calendar makes for a great birthday or holiday gift. And they are collectible! I have a feeling I will be making a new calendar every year from now on!

Hope you enjoy these cheeky beauties as much as I did creating the calendar. Bring them home with you all year round!

Oct 18, 2014

Photos by Angela McConnell from The 12th Annual New York Burlesque Festival

Check out more of Angela's work at her portfolio site - here

Sep 29, 2014

Hotel Series #5 - Hotel Pierre Du Calvet in Old Montreal Quebec

Here is a sample photo from HOTEL SERIES #5 from my latest travels to Montreal.

One of the loveliest cities in my opinion for the poor New Yorker's "Paris". I couldn't afford another Paris trip this year so I opted for the next best thing, Montreal. Only a 1.5 flight or a 6 hour scenic drive away. I love Old Montreal even though our Québécois friends think it's totally touristy. It's like me saying "I love Times Square!" But the architecture, the old cobble stoned streets (a la Crosby Street), the history and the charm win me over every time! I did stay in Hotel Zero 1 for a couple nights before Hotel Pierre Du Calvet just to get a democratic sense of Montreal. Hotel Zero 1 is a boutique designer hotel right across the street from the Chinatown gate. Ironically every time I've stayed in a hotel in Canada, it has always been right by the Chinatown there! Hotel Zero 1 is beautiful, modern, chic, and conveniently located right by all the prostitutes, pimps, dingy strip clubs and some unsavory characters mixed in with hipsters and young people. It is also on the same block as the famous Cafe Cleopatra! I love myself a modern hotel but I love myself an old historic landmark hotel even more. Hotel Pierre du Calvet apparently is also haunted according to several internet accounts. Room 3 is where most of the sightings have occurred such as a woman or a man sitting by the foot of your bed in the middle of the night, or sensing a malevolent presence in the room. We were in Room 6 so luckily nothing strange occurred... at least not when my eyes were closed. This hotel is just absolutely to die for. Simply out of time, extravagant, old world, and romantic. I highly recommend going with someone you love (or lust).
Photo by Mike Webb Photography. Click here to see more of Hotel Series #5 >

Photo by Mike Webb Photography. Click here to see more of Hotel Series #5 >

Sep 9, 2014

A Corset Story Love Story!

I recently received a gorgeous corset from Corset Story, and I am thrilled with how it fits, its quality, and the price point. They sell corsets in burlesque-inspired styles, steampunk styles, and a smaller section on Rockabilly clothing. I've been getting a lot of compliments about mine since I've been wearing it at my shows so I am sharing about them! There are more than one place to get a decent, well made, strong corset online than What Katie Did (overpriced IMHO), and more variety/colors than Orchard Corsets.

The corset I got is the Lavinia: Purple Halterneck Corset, an overbust-style in deep purple with black lace embroidery. I cut out the halterneck since I am not blessed with a swan-like neck. This halter would be more flattering on someone with a willowy 18th century neck!

Without the halterneck, the corset's sweetheart bustline is enhanced and for girls without bigger busts, it is absolutely devastating in a Jessica Rabbit-like way. Two different people complimented me that this corset's silhouette reminded them of Jessica Rabbit.

One of my off-the-rack corset pet peeves is the quality of the ribbon/lacing in the back. I was pleasantly surprised that I did not need to replace it. The black ribbon was sturdy and long enough  that it was instant fit and go! AND the corset came properly laced. SO crucial especially if you are new to corsets and not sure how to put it on. The Lavinia that I got is long but surprisingly it fit well on me and I was pleased with how it looks. Since I'm only 5'1" without heels my torso length isn't super long so often off-the-rack corsets are too long on me.

And at the current on sale price of $26 (!), this is the most cost-efficient, high quality corset that I've encountered in my 8 years burlesqui-ng. When I first started performing my knowledge about these things were naturally more limited. I had many corset "fails" by buying them on cheap lingerie sites such as Lingerie Diva, Love Honey, or ABCUnderwear. These sites are fine for buying basic undergarments to embellish and use as a base to build your costume from, but to get a good corset? FAIL. Even their more expensive ones (around $80 - rip off) is not steel but soft pliable plastic boning which will crumble and create unflattering creases around your waist. The lesson of the story? Invest in a good corset, practice opening and unlacing in your routine, and it'll last you forever.

Here is the Lavinia corset, and me wearing it at one of my recent shows. 

The one I got my eyes on is the Juliet Red Couture Corset. Isn't it just delish?

Aug 18, 2014

Latex Shoot with Lucy La Riot Photography

Last week I did the long-awaited photo shoot of my latex acts-Fetish Nun and the newest Fetish Snow White- with Lucy La Riot in Williamsburg! Her studio is on Lorimer Street and is SO cute. Painted pink with black accents and an original black metal tin ceiling, filled with all kind of props and wardrobe to choose from. I met Anna (the person behind LLR) at the Burlesque Idol show a couple months ago when I was one of the guest judges. I was already familiar with her name, because I saw the online photos of a few other performers and thought they were really good. But beyond being good LLR's pin-up style has a modern, contemporary quality to it that is refreshing to my eyes and sensibility. Many of them look like they could be a part of a print ad campaign. Lighting, in particular, is a major thing for me since Asian features are flatter than Western features so we require a bit more "light sculpting" than another face that has more geographic hills and valleys. We used real flames from my Bible prop, and real baby oil, also a real element of the Snow White act when I perform it. So that ain't no Photoshop!

I loved the way she lit these two shots that we did and how it all turned out. I'll be posting a few more as they trickle in. You can find LUCY LA RIOT on Facebook - totally check out her work if you are looking for a great photographer to give you a naughty or nice pin-up boudoir shoot or yourself or a bachelorette party.

If you love these images, please share and credit the photographer and myself. Artists work for peanuts in NYC-getting a credit for our work is usually our payment.

All latex clothing seen here were made by KLAWTEX. Shoes by Melissa. Cervin hosiery. 


I don't have a video of my Snow White act yet, but the Nun act is pretty old. I have a clip of it from 2013 at Red Herring's show REVEAL in Toronto, ON.