Aug 29, 2016

Vote for Me & Recap of New York Burlesque Festival Acts

With the 14th annual New York Burlesque Festival coming up so soon, I thought it would be fun to share the acts I have done at the festival in years past. This is the 4th year I am in the festival, so honored! Last year I won the "Busy Bee" Golden Pasties award for "the performer who multi-tasks the most backstage" - and funnily enough, I got too busy that night to make it to the award ceremony to accept the award. How fitting!

But this year I am going for "The Hustler" award "for the performer with the biggest hustle" - if you like to nominate me, CLICK HERE! Voting is closing this Friday. Winners for each category will be announced on Sunday, Oct 2 at the Golden Pasties Awards show. Thank you in advance!

I will be performing this year on Saturday, Oct 1 at BBKing. I highly, highly recommend getting VIP tickets to this venue to maximize your experience. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS!

2013 New York Burlesque Festival
Photo by Angela McConnell

Chinese Flamenco act

2014 New York Burlesque Festival
Photo by Angela McConnell

Tropical Emerald Fan Dance

2015 New York Burlesque Festival

November Rain act

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  1. Good luck in the Golden Pasties competition! Connie and I have attended the entire festival for the past four years, and will again this year. And yes, VIP tickets are definitely the way to go.