Aug 10, 2016

I got a facelift! Well, my web site did.

I am blogging again only because my good friend and fellow web-nerd Bettina May has inspired me to start doing it again. Blogging is hard, ask anyone who ever aspired to be a blogger. You start and eventually you stop. Cause it's damn hard! And I was an English major with a focus in creative writing, and it's STILL hard. But since I revamped my web site CALAMITYCHANG.COM with a lot of new fangled bells and whistles like parallax navigation, video background, cinemagraphs, subscriber newsletter, and more - I feel rejunevated! Most importantly, the new SHOP interface looks and functions SO much smoother for buying my feather earrings.

Head on over and check it out. I will be blogging on the regular!
Bettina and I in Tulum this past winter in January!

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