Aug 30, 2013

SNAPPED! Instagram Video by @carolinealt at Nurse Bettie Thursday Show

Aug 27, 2013

SNAPPED! Monday Night Bingo at Hotel Chantelle with Murray Hill & Linda Simpson

I always have a lot of fun working as the spokesmodel at bingo nights with Murray and Linda at Hotel Chantelle. I get to basically prance around showing all the prizes while Murray plays corny sound effects as I Vanna-White about. I also sell bingo cards to people as they get progressively more drunk through the night and then I pose for pictures with them! I get to dress up, walk around, and socialize and take people's money. My favorite kind of job! Murr & Linda's banter always crack me up - they are like an old married couple. The audience absolutely adore them. I try to get my Murray/Linda fix once a month on Monday nights at Hotel Chantelle, and I also try to get my Linda fix once a month at her Saturday Bingo at Le Poisson Rouge with DJ Formika.

More about bingo!

Aug 8, 2013

SNAPPED! Last night at "Nuit Blanche" at Beaumarchais Brasserie

Last night' show (presented by Dances of Vice) was SO fun! What makes a show stand out more than another is the audience. And there were a lot of them, and all gorgeous! Lots of girls who were celebrating birthdays or just out looking amazing. Case in point, Enette the birthday girl showed up with about 10 other hot girl friends of hers and they were just the best table to flirt with! There were an unusual amount of gorgeous and stylish ladies last night - I bet my period is going to come earlier this month!

Aug 6, 2013

SNAPPED! Last Night's Bar Bath at Macao Trading Company "Drunken Dragon Night"

SNAPPED by Audiomixer from my monthly show Drunken Dragon Night at Macao Trading Company. It was an EPIC night complete with Louis Royer Cognac repped by Jennifer (sitting on the right). I always end the show with a bar champagne bath. The timing however of the "bathing" isn't always accurate because, as you can see from the clip, Danilo got really into the music which was Def Leppard's "Pour some sugar on me", and I kept looking back at him going, "Now! Now! Now!" LOL But it was all good in the end.

Aug 5, 2013

SNAPPED! Sneak clip from last night's show: Lone Star Follies An All Texan Burlesque Spectacular!

SNAPPED! By performer extraordinaire and co-producer of Dallas' Ruby Revue Ginger Valentine. I was really honored to have the Ruby Revue girls in the show along with Perle Noire and all of our NYC performers. The show was kick ass, if I may say so myself. The Reformed Whores (Katie and Marie) NAILED it as hosts. I couldn't have asked for a funnier, dirtier, more charming and talented duo to run our show! We'll have lots more photos to post this week! If you were there, feel free to post your photos on social media and tag us! #lonestar