Aug 27, 2013

SNAPPED! Monday Night Bingo at Hotel Chantelle with Murray Hill & Linda Simpson

I always have a lot of fun working as the spokesmodel at bingo nights with Murray and Linda at Hotel Chantelle. I get to basically prance around showing all the prizes while Murray plays corny sound effects as I Vanna-White about. I also sell bingo cards to people as they get progressively more drunk through the night and then I pose for pictures with them! I get to dress up, walk around, and socialize and take people's money. My favorite kind of job! Murr & Linda's banter always crack me up - they are like an old married couple. The audience absolutely adore them. I try to get my Murray/Linda fix once a month on Monday nights at Hotel Chantelle, and I also try to get my Linda fix once a month at her Saturday Bingo at Le Poisson Rouge with DJ Formika.

More about bingo!

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