Aug 22, 2016

Girls, Ghouls, and Grooves! Get ready for Fall!

I love fall because you don't perspire much, and you can wear the same dress a couple of days in a row and it won't smell like sweat!

I also love fall out of town trips because the drive is so beautiful, ironically, getting out of NYC is the key to living a happy life living in NYC. But if you dont own a car (or license for that matter), these out of town jaunts are just so precious and I get very excited for them.

On Saturday, October 8 I'll be heading up to Hawthorne, NJ for this spectacular show with Gal Friday and Trixie Little! This show will definitely sell out cause it's, um, amazing and the venue is awesome!!! I already love working with the ArtxSoul producers who are SO on top of their game, having this flyer out and ticketing link ready already. People after my heart. If you live near Hawthorne, please come by and introduce yourself!

Buy tickets here >
Buy tickets here: 

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