Feb 18, 2010

Nurse Bettie Tonight!

I am so excited about tonight's show at Nurse Bettie because I have 2 new games to play on the unsuspecting sausage festival. He he. They are really quite brilliant games that I concocted in my depraved and deviant mind. All I told Brassy is to "wear gloves" for tonight. Haha. She will be doing Magic Man with Michael accompanying her on electric guitar. I have Lil Miss Lixx - who I adore - she is a tall blonde drink of brazen fierceness. Bird of Paradise is doing "Last Girl on Earth", Nikkita Lemarcelle is bringing the classy element to this show, Rosabelle Selavy - that hot mess - will be gogo-ing and doing a special bondage act. Lastly, I'm going to do my favorite number (of the month) to close the show. It's going to be great! I love that bar, Stephen the owner who is so playful and silly and make us all feel very appreciated as performers, and last I heard, he's supposed to make a special cocktail named "Calamity Chang" just for me. :)

The show is at 10 PM. No cover (for a few more weeks!). Nurse Bettie is at 106 Norfolk Street.

1 comment:

  1. SO DOWN! Nurse Bettie burlesque ftw. Also, $12 for $25 drinks & cocktails at Nurse Bettie's ftw.