Feb 16, 2010

Best Valentine's Day

The "Eat, Drink, Woman, Tiger" show this Sunday was stupendous. The show ended up feeling like a girls-gone-wild bachelorette party, and nothing mooshy or Valentiney at all! There were 3 big tables of all girls coming out for dinner and a show on Valentine's Day. I talked to many of them afterwards (as I always do after all my shows like a Chinese wedding), and they were the coolest girls and all very pretty and glammed up. There were a few other smaller tables of couples but the single girl tables were where all the interaction was at. Madame Rosebud was clearly the crowd favorite. She did a brand new act as an homage to women who fantasize about women, and she gave flowers away and kissed one of the girls in the front. Bastard Keith was there too hanging out with us downstairs and being a cool guy all around. Jesse Luttrell (who runs the Bawdy Vaudeville off-broadway show at the Triad Theater) was also a fav with the ladies. His song Pour Me a Man is so hysterical that even the straight guys laughed half way through the song. He really is a pleasure to watch and hear. And hello? Who brought down the house? Brassy! She did 2 new songs - Feel Like Making Love and My Funny Valentine - both with Michael on acoustic guitar. It gave me chills down my neck hearing her hold out those 2 really long notes.

So we are full speed ahead for the rest of the month! I will post the line-up in a couple of days. In the meantime, make sure you order tickets in advance!

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