Feb 4, 2010

Tonight & Sunday SuperBowl Shows

You know how sometimes if you drink too much coffee your stomach gets all tight and you feel like you have to take a poop (but you don't really)? That's how I feel right now sitting at work but thinking about tonight's show at Nurse Bettie and about Sunday's show with Runaround Sue's SugarShackBurlesque at Galapagos in DUMBO. I'm doing 2 acts in the pre-game party starting at 3 PM with the Peculiar Gentlemen. Kick-off is at 630 PM projection on the 50ft. screen! I'm NOT a sports fan but given the context of the art space, I can perhaps enjoy it ironically. IF there are chicken wings for me! I also decided that I want to do more metal/hair metal acts with Brassy and Michael (we still have yet to come up with a clever name for the 3 of us. Suggestions welcome!) so I've started working on Metallica's "Enter Sandman".

Speaking of Metallica, I remember going to the One concert when I lived in Texas. I was a junior in high school and as a part time job I was working with my girl friends in telemarketing (since we talked so much on the phone we thought it would be an easy job - we were wrong. haha.). There was this older guy working there and he was a total metal head with long hair. I thought he was cute cuz of the hair and he was older. HOT! He asked me to go see Metallica and I said yes. We smoked a joint on the lawn and made out like bandits then went back to his house and then things went waa waa waaa... He still lived at home with his parents! I was not going to have sex with an older guy who was still living home with his folks! Standards, people! After making out some more, I put on the brakes and said, "Drive me home." That was that. I never saw him again.

Anyway - so back to my AWESOME life here in NYC. More info on Sunday's pre-game show!
Don't have a TV? Love Chicken Wings & Sliders? Haven't watched Football all year but love to PARTY!?! Then come on down to Galapagos for a Pre-Game Party and watch the Superbowl with theater style projections.

Sunday, February 7th
DOORS: 3:00PM | SHOW: 3:30PM
Tickets: $5.00
Tickets Available at the door.

Sugar Shack Burlesque & Brooklyn's Peculiar Gentlemen will be hosting a Pre-Game get together with superstar DJ jenNYork from Bar 13, Apotheke, Mile High Crew at Piano's

Spend the afternoon with Galapagos for Football, Burlesque, Live Music & Beer Specials!

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