Feb 23, 2010

Big, big week

This week I'm moving to a new apartment. A proper 2 bedroom apartment with a balcony, a living room, a bathroom that has a tub, real hallways, and elevators. You may wonder, "What's the big deal?" Well, it is a MAJOR deal for me because the last six years I've been living in an under 300 sq. feet apartment with my dog Chewie where I sleep, eat, relax, read - all in the same room, on the same sleeper/couch from CB2 that has only been converted into the "couch mode" twice. I'm totally intimidated by all the new space. I have no idea where to put myself for various activities. Michael has been using Floor Planner to lay out the rooms and placing furniture for me to look at, and my first reaction to everything is, "Wow... that feels so empty." He said I'm like a convict moving to a real apartment after living in prison for years. Btw, Floor Planner is the coolest program online ever! And it's free! And you can view your room in 2d or - 3D! If you were addicted to playing the Sims like I was (I'm talking not going out of the apartment for 48 hours, Doritos on the left, Coke on the right, and pillows all over the place till I finished the game), you'll love playing with this site. Ikea makes one too on their web site but its only for PCs.

I'm noticing a lot of things during this transition period. For example, I've never had the opportunity to develop an interest in home furnishings, interior decorating, cooking, and general nesting thingingmabobs because my living quarters were so limited. Now that I have the space, I found myself thinking, "Ummm I really want to make chicken parmesan in the kitchen!" or "Ummm I would love to have a big cork board in the studio to tack on images!" I wonder if I will suddenly start making floral felt pins, embroidering tote bags, or oh my god, scrapbooking or knitting on the subway!

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