Feb 9, 2010

"Supper Club" Party Saturday Night, "Eat Drink Woman Tiger" Dinner & Show Sunday Night

As I sit away at work, sleepy and eyes stinging from staring at the computer too much, animating banners for a large bank client, I am also playing Robot Unicorn Attack and making a wish! I wish they will close the damn office tomorrow cause of this impending snow storm.

Thursday's Nurse Bettie "Spank" night (due to a benefit party for Haiti) is not on this Thursday but will be back on again next week, same time, same place.

I am totally looking forward to The Pantry Lab's:

Supper Club: Dining & Libation Extravaganza

party on Saturday night. I'm doing 3 numbers there and it'll be fun to see the Dirty Dolls Lingerie girls again. They are having a trunk show and lingerie fitting. I will also be walking around in DD lingerie in between sets. The Stumblebum Brass Band will also play a long set through the night. The event is sponsored by Svedka so there's an open bar all night along with tapas. I hope there's enough of a stage or at least a clearance for me to do my numbers. For $20 in advance, that's kind of a cool event that I would go to myself. You can get an advance ticket here.

And I'm also excited about Sunday's "Eat, Drink, Woman, Tiger!" dinner & show at Chow Bar!! It's Year of the Tiger so make sure you wear red underwear to ward off evil and bring luck in your pants. Haha. I have such an amazing line up that I am so excited about and I feel really lucky that the performers like me enough to want to be in my show. Grace Gotham who has been featured in Marie Claire magazine and interviewed on Oprah Radio is doing a tiger act in honor of Chinese New Year, Bawdy Jesse who does this really awesome off-broadway cabaret show at the Triad Theater (where the most recent episode of Ugly Betty was filmed!) is coming to sing a bawdy love song, Madame Rosebud is going to do a homage to M.Butterfly (one of my favorite David Hwang plays of all time), Strawberry Fields is doing 2 acts-yes-2 acts on Sunday, and Brassy is doing a couple of new songs with my rockstar Michael Webb. I am debating whether to do 2 acts myself or just one. Seriously. Crazy tight packed show on Sunday. And I don't have work on Monday (President's Day) so watch out NYC! The show is only $12 a person! You can buy one here.

Peter just emailed me the special menu items for Sunday too.
They are:

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