Aug 17, 2016


I took a spontaneous trip out of the city yesterday. Rented a car from the neighborhood, put Chewie in her travel bag, and we hit the road with no plans. Originally we were going to Bear Mountain but about 20 minutes after we crossed the GW Bridge, we stumbled upon a little town called Piermont in Upper Hudson. We were hungry so we pulled over and found a cute French bistro with sidewalk seating. The town was quiet and the weather was perfect. Not nearly as hot and humid as the city when you don't have all these high rises trapping the heat. We stopped by some of the shops that were open and went into a well-curated, upscale Manhanttan-y boutique shop called The Editor where the pretty owner mentioned that a new boutique hotel had just opened in nearby Nyack called The Time.

I looked up the rates on Hotel Tonight right away and found a great deal for $120 a night! What sold it was the pool and interior decor for me. So we booked ourselves in, found a Target nearby, bought some bathing suits on the clearance rack, and I bought a bottle of foundation and a pair of lace underwear. What I love most about doing my Hotel Photo Series is the challenge of working with what is available. Day light, interior light, whatever clothes I have with me. And in this case, we had nothing. I didn't even have makeup other than the standard red lipstick in my day-to-day purse.

I'm pretty happy with the results considering we had about 2 hours left of day light, and using only our iPhone 6s. Check out the rest of this set and more on my site.

Photo by Mike Webb Photography
Photo by Mike Webb Photography

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