Mar 5, 2011

Post-Flu Pick Me Ups!

I am finally feeling better today! I hate to cancel shows but I am glad I did for Thursday at Nurse Bettie and Friday at Hotel Chantelle, because I would have been coughing throughout the show and giving my germs to everyone around me, including the microphone. This whole week was a blur. Not even sure what today was until I looked at my iCal. I went out and did some errands for the first time today too. Stopped by Rainbo, my favorite ghetto ass store on Delancey Street right next to the 24hour McDonald's and bought some bling. Then I blinged out my bra top by adding strands of rhinestones on the straps and along the bra cup for tonight's private gig that I'm doing (by coincidence) at Hotel Chantelle. I'm sure I can manage 6 minutes without coughing. But just in case, I am armed with a box of DayQuil.

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