Feb 24, 2011

The Black Lodge

The Black Lodge costume for "Twin Peaks Burlesque"
Last night's "The Pink Room" show was truly something special. Like I told Franny the day she invited me to be a part of the show, it'll sell out. Sure enough, the line was out through the front room at Parkside Lounge at 9pm and Tina Tassels had to turn away several people. It was also not the typical burlesque audience. I think the eccentricity and quirkiness of the TP-theme pulled in a majority of people who are fans of the show but not necessarily "burlesque supporters". I love this kind of audience!

So this is the dress I made as "The Black Lodge." Finding that zigzag fabric was really difficult cause apparently it's a 70's-inspired pattern that no one sells anymore other than upholstery shops. I do not have the time to hit the pavement during the day to comb through the garment district looking for something this specific so I found it online at DenverFabrics.com - except they had to order it from the manufacture which took two weeks and STILL no fabric. I cancelled that order and luckily found it on Etsy at Hodi and Poppi Fabrics (she caters to vintage style designs). And only one yard left!

There is a big zipper down the back. The big bulky kind so it doesn't get stuck. The halter straps are removable so is the belt, all by big snap buttons. The rest was just black and red tulle and the mask is a crow mask with lots of rhinestones. The dress took about 5 hours one Sunday. I had amazing sex right after I finished making that dress so I knew it was going to be a successful act when it's broken in that way! Unlike my blue Vegas-sparklers act... working with fire is so temperamental and really feels like working with some unknown entity and power.

My music is "Dance of the Dream Man" from the actual first scene of the Black Lodge (aka The Red Room) where Agent Cooper has his first vision. You can see it on YouTube here.

I will do this act again on Friday night 2/25 at "Room 69: The Hotel Chantelle Way"!

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  1. Ah, Twin Peaks, that takes me back... ah Audrey Horne you stole my innocence away...

    Obviously, this Twin Peaks Burlesque sounds like the coolest thing ever.