Feb 4, 2011

One Year at Nurse Bettie

Last night marked my ONE FULL year at Nurse Bettie. Can you believe that? This is my first show to reach the full year mark. Dim Sum Burlesque lasted 7 months and I often don't feel like I can make it to the one year term. The next shows in-line for the one year mark is "Beatles Burlesque" (March), "Drunken Dragon Night" at Macao Trading Company (April), and "Spreading the Curtains" at Coco de Mer (June). When all these shows hit one-year, I am goin to treat myself to that expensive dress I've been thinking about forever and maybe the new tattoo I've been researching!

The new renovations at NB has greatly improved the general ambiance and work environment for me. The tin-ceiling is shiny. The amber and red chandeliers bulbs cast a very pretty and glossy sheen over the ceiling which makes the space look larger. There are also red velvety curtains over the two front windows and for our "dressing" area. There are also lights under the bar so we can see where all our shit is instead of groping around in the dark. Many, many items have been lost back there in the "dressing hole" like my tip bucket that I handmade, a black fascinator with veil, and numerous other performer's stuff. The chandelier above the stage is now higher so no more broken bulbs when we swing our bras or feather fans. The taller performers will still have to watch out for that. There's a new toilet seat. I don't know why I noticed that, but I did. Overall, I'm pleased.

Tonight is the second installment of "Room 69: The Hotel Chantelle Way" and I am REALLY happy with this show which is lean, mean, and super-polished.

(Big sidenote: one thing I do want to mention is that often when you produce a show with a guarantee pay that is NOT at a performance or theater space but at a venue such as a upscale bar or restaurant, who you book is often not up to you to decide. This is why I can't book just anyone at many of my shows. I am essentially helping the venues expand their brand and image via entertainment - so believe you me, they do their research online and in magazines to see who the performers are and what they look like, and they ask me about them. When a venue asks if you know of "so and so", it's not fireside chit chat. They are in a way seeing how well integrated you are in the business and whether you can book that performer. I prefer this method because it continues the venue's tradition of style and the image they want to maintain.)

The venue is AMAZING and has such an elegant, sophisticated vibe. Everyone is SO accommodating and the crowd is always sitting down in their posh leather booths, and not screaming or trying to jump on the stage. There's no gogo-ing pre-show or during the short break, and I don't have to play any drinking or dance-off games to stretch the show. Chantelle has private parties usually on Friday nights starting at 10pm so we have to be outta there and done so the crew can disassemble the stage. Plus the cocktails are SO delicious!!!! I generally NEVER drink cocktails or champagne (too many calories) and 90% of the time I drink vodka soda at shows. If I'm out socializing with friends I drink wine. I used to like champagne but then I had the unfortunate experience of drinking Crystal at a private party once, and since then, I don't want to drink any other inferior champagnes. Unfortunate, indeed...

David Monroe took this photo of me from last week's Room69 - I am using this as my Facebook Profile picture but in that version I photoshopped out the "Exit" signs. That is one of my biggest photo pet peeves - the exit signs, the no smoking signs, all restroom signs. I hate them and will eradicate them!!
At Room69: The Hotel Chantelle Way

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