Feb 20, 2011

A few pictures from this whirlwind weekend

Saturday "Spreading the Curtains" last show at Coco de Mer: This is the view from the surveillance camera from behind the stage so we know when to cue the music. For the group finale, Pandora's idea of "Pandora's Box" had us blindfolding the audience so we could set up the box where Maine and I were hiding inside. I just LOVE how the audience were so great and sweet, did as they were instructed. So awesome!! Below is a backstage photo of the costume we wore for "Pandora's Box".
Blindfolding the audience at Coco de Mer NYC

Backstage/office at Coco de Mer NYC
 Friday night, Gal Friday and I did a private party in the Upper East Side. She did her famous classic beatgirl tassel twirling and I did the fetish nun act at the request of the organizers. We showed them a really good representation of 2 burlesque styles. Gal really knocked them out. The women were SO into it. It was a great gig! The organizer introduced us, and there was a proper DJ, and a chair. I DID NOT fall over like at the last private gig - because these guys were pros!

Me with hat
Gal with hat

Waiting around

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  1. Fabulous!!! I still have the blindfold too. Just pulled it out of my purse like What the hell? Got a good laugh outta that.