Feb 8, 2011

What You Missed at Drunken Dragon Nights at Macao Trading Company

Drunken Dragon Nights at Macao Trading Company, 311 Church Street, Tribeca
This was my closing act last night at Macao. It's my "champagne" act, a long 6 minute slow strip to two songs by Henri Mancini. I always do some kind of bar crawl choreography in the end at "Drunken Dragon Nights".

The event was sponsored by Courvoisier and one of the photographers, Peter Woloszyn, took this photo. I love it! It's notoriously dark in the lounge and no one has been able to take clear photos of the show thus far. So I am even more impressed that he was able to capture so much detail - without retouching! He promised me another set of more of last night so I will post them soon!

Mark Mann just tweeted me this polaroid he took from a shoot a few months ago. I love it! It's a GOOD day when you get amazing pictures like these two in one day!

Photo by Mark Mann. http://markmannphoto.com

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