Feb 22, 2011

"The Pink Room: Twin Peaks Burlesque" Tomorrow Night!

I am SO excited about tomorrow night's "The Pink Room" the Twin Peaks Burlesque show that Franny Fluffer is producing! It's her first show and it's going to be awesome! I can't wait to debut my dress for her show cause I made it in one day while juggling a crazy 15 hour blow-my-brains-out design deadline for my day time job. I am forcing myself not to post pictures of it cause I want you to come to the show tomorrow night to see the amazing line-up! It's at Parkside Lounge at 9:30pm and it's hosted by the one-and-only Bastard Keith as "Agent Keith". I can't think of anyone else more appropriate to host the show other than maybe Abe dressed up as Log Lady. LOL. I WILL post pictures after tomorrow's show, I promise.

Here are some racier pictures from the final "Spreading the Curtains" show at Coco de Mer this last Saturday. I did not post these on Facebook cause they deleted the ones of me and Gal Friday with hats within 24 hours. The show photos were taken by Paul Ferris who was a pleasure to work with and super fast about uploading the images!
I don't know who she was but she is so pretty!
Me and Katie who will be gogo-ing at the Beatles 1 Year Anniversary show on March 14!

The "burlesque baker" The Naughty Housewife and Broadway Brassy. I met them both when I kittened for Brassy at "Last Call at the Starliner Lounge" at Corio way back when. They are both now two of my closest friends.

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