Sep 13, 2013

SNAPPED! Thursday at Nurse Bettie

It was Megan's bachelorette party. She wore a cute lil Victorian cocktail hat which I said was very tasteful and more imaginative than a penis crown. She was up for the dance-off contest. Of her two opponents, a guy named Les was also celebrating his bachelor party. They were a really nice group of guys who yelled out to me as I was leaving the venue, "Calamity! We are all a little in love with you" - just a little!? Well, can't knock the boys for being realistic! LOL. Megan's other opponent was this huge beefy guy who looked like he was from "Storage Wars". I said that and everyone laughed although I don't know why that was funny cause for reals, he looked like a Storage Wars or Pawn Shop person! Megan won the dance-off.

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