Nov 1, 2013

SNAPPED: Halloween 2013 Recap at Bobo Restaurant

What a great gig! Great audience, open bar of champagne, wine, cocktails, delicious appetizers all night and a whole veranda of desserts! I had the best time at Bobo Restaurant's Halloween masquerade party. The appetizers were so good! There was this spicy merguez tartare that made a big impression on my palate, and a great crab cake that was bite size. Everyone dressed up too and I was very content to be ensconced in Bobo's classic townhouse with ornate picture frames, lush banquette booths, leather chairs, crystal dripping chandeliers. A lot of my friends from my day job came too! The two worlds collide! Actually it's not a big deal, all my day job people know about my night job and since my day job is also in the creative world it's not so shocking.

Here are some of my favorite fan photos from last night:

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