Jul 8, 2013

New Hotel Photos & Web Site Updates

Here one new photo from my Hotel Series taken recently at Mondrian Hotel, Los Angeles. You can see more from this set on my newly organized and smartphone-friendly web site at http://www.calamitychang.com

I used the wonderfully easy and fun Wix.com to build my site. I am SO happy with their service, I can't stop fiddling with the interface! Not sure how many of you know that my "other" career during the sun hours is a designer. Yup. I work in advertising. Have been in the field for over 10 years! I totally dated myself haha. I am actually in the "Associate Creative Director" position but since I have been freelancing for over a decade (I am a commitment-phobe), I do taken on Senior Art Director roles too. So, speaking as a visual designer, Wix is amazing!! I am really impressed with the templates they offer. The majority of them are really well-designed. I can tell they spent time and money on hiring good designers to create these templates. It's also so fun adding and dropping stuff. Who needs to hire an agency to design web sites for them anymore?? Haha. Seriously. This is perfect for small businesses (yes, ecomm shopping cart available for the premium package), artists, photographers, and BURLESQUE PERFORMERS! It is critical nowadays to make sure your site is smartphone friendly. Flash is pretty much obselte nowadays unless you are making banner ads. And think about it, most of our burlesque sites are viewed on someone's phone since our content is NSFW.

The beauty of using Wix is that I didn't have to code anything. I am old-skool. Yes, I used to handcode all HTML. But no more! Now I have more time to go make pretty things OFFLINE!

Photo by Mike Webb Photography

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  1. "......It is critical nowadays to make sure your site is smartphone friendly......"

    And this, cupcake, is the singular reason why we FOB Asians will eventually rule white-Yankee ass!
    We'll enthral them with smartphone-friendly opium while we buy their physical world right out from under them.
    I'm Burmese Asian.