Jul 5, 2013

Idées Reçues - Episode III - Le burlesque avec Louise de Ville

French speakers, here's an interview with Louise de Ville, producer of Pretty Propaganda, a weekly show in Paris where I performed at in April. There's not a big scene in Paris, contrary to what we Americans think here or at least in New York. Given the rich history and culture of France, we would think that burlesque is quite the norm there but it is actually the opposite. For instance, here in NYC, one can go see a burlesque show pretty much every night of the week. But there, the weekly shows are rare. Louise's "Pretty Propaganda" is one of the weekly shows (Wednesdays at La Manufacture Rock Bar).

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  1. I have seen only one performer from Paris, and I was quite underwhelmed. It's only a single data point, but still...