Oct 6, 2013

SNAPPED! Nurse Bettie - Fan Pics Week in Review

This past week at Nurse Bettie's modest-but-action-packed stage saw a lot of international performers from Europe and national performers from outside NYC! And a private birthday party for a fan of mine who saw me on "Oddities" which apparently is now airing in the UK because I received a few notes on Facebook from people who saw my episode then dropped by to say hello.

Here are some of my favorite highlights from fans who posted on Instagram.

The debut of a sacrificial lamb: TigerBay Lambykins. Hilarious act that I call "crazy cat lady".

Miss Catwings from Hawaii! 

My birthday fan dance for Kathy!

Gogo-ing for bachelorettes - these ladies and a few gents MADE IT RAIN $$$$$ - Thank you!

The amazing and beautiful Xarah from Amsterdam/Berlin

Lastly from my own "Backstage Thursday" - Xarah and Miss Vampfire from Italy

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