Mar 30, 2013

New Photos of "Les Fleurs de Shanghai" at the NEW Duane Park!

Time Out New York came to photograph my vintage Shanghai show "Les Fleurs de Shanghai" this Wednesday at the new Duane Park on the Bowery. As you can see from some of these gorgeous photos that Filip Wolak took, the new space is more "manor" than "chez"!  See Slideshow >

I debuted my Mei Ling tribute act this week as well at Duane Park dancing to "Plum Blossom" by Li Xiang Lan which was her Mandarin stage name. She was a Japanese born singer raised in Manchuria who became a film star and singer during the second Sino Japanese war and subsequently became a controversial figure in popular culture due to her bi-nationality. She was accused of treason by the Chinese government for her Japanese background and affiliations, acquitted, then refashioned herself as a Japanese actress "Yoshiko Yamaguchi" then as an American-Chinese actress as "Shirley Yamaguchi". You can read more about her on Wikipedia.

Mei Ling original vintage photo on the far left. My re-creation after. Photo by Filip Wolak for Time Out NY. >

My robe was made and hand-painted by JAMIE VON STRATTON who has made several other sequin dresses for me. The headpiece is made by none other than Amber Ray Accouterments, and the inner linings (bra, panties, sheer panels) were made by Wae Messed.

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