Oct 14, 2010

What I Do on a Day/Night Off

I had a day off today, and by a day off, I mean a day when I didn't have to work on-site at an agency designing someone else's web site and online campaign OR rehearse for hours, spend hours sewing and embellishing a costume, or walk around the garment district looking for all the pieces I need to make a costume. What I did today, happily and wilingly without the clean police forcing me to do it, is swiffer the bedroom, bathroom, hallways, and kitchen. I also mopped the bathroom AND I am doing laundry right now at 11 pm. I also had time to go out to dinner with one of my closest girl friends at a nearby restaurant that just opened two nights ago called The Fat Radish. We sat at the bar and she knew almost everyone there fro the co-owners, the chef, to random people who came by tonight. She is in the hospitality business as are most of my non-burlesque friends. The restaurant's decor is all about texture. Exposed brick walls painted with a haphazard wash of white paint, raw wood ceilings, and big long communal farm tables. The food is interesting. It seems very farm vegetable-based. As their name suggests, there were a few pickled radish dishes that were surprisingly delicious! I totally poopoo-ed it but my friend ordered one and after I tried it, I was a radish convert. We ordered oysters, as we usually do, but the most amazing dish was the Beet Crumble!! You will not believe how delicious this dish was. It is a real crumble! A savory crumble, not like a salad crumble. The thing came out in a little baking dish with a napking wrapped around it. On the top was crumbled nuts and oats, baked in with cheddar cheese and all beet and spinach and some other root-y vegetable. It was warm, nutty, savory, and buttery. This dish further confirms my sneaking suspicion that I am INDEED a closeted vegetarian. The bartender was very attentive and kept refilling our wine glasses and bought us a round of something dark and foul looking which we turned away and asked for Campari with soda instead. Then one of her ex's came in and I really don't like this guy. He dated another friend of mine before my friend from tonight, and I've never heard anything nice about him. (Yes, women TALK to each other). Anyway - every time I see this guy at our mutual friends' parties, he acts like he doesn't know me. And likewise, I do the same. Two can play this game, and I am FAR more skilled at this ridiculous game than some guy from little town New Zealand in the big city. He's so annoying! And he's gotten way FAT with a big thick neck. I can't believe my friends slept with him. Oh, did I also mention that a while ago, he and his partner tried to hire me to design a web site for them for like 1/8 of what it would cost??? They wanted e-cards, music player, all in Flash and we had a few meetings together "shooting the shit" and now at social situations he acts like he does not know me. It's beyond stupid. You know what's stupider? His wet noodle hair.

Anyway. Before this stupid-but-sadistically-enjoyable-encounter, I was inspired today to create a new act. I won't say what it is, but it's not classic and it's not fetish or dirty. It's more dance-pop inspired and I can tell you that it's either going to be Kylie Minoque's "Speakerphone" or Goldfrapp's "Strict Machine" - I really HEART both of these songs forever and that is KEY to doing a good act. LOVE YOUR SONG TO PIECES!! I also resurrected "Enter Sandman" after it got trashed by someone who I won't mention. I brought it back last night at Gloomy Goth Girl's Hard Candy Burlesque show at The Delancey. GGG sang "Enter Sandman" LIVE while I danced. I have minimized the act - my rule nowadays is, "When in doubt, don't rely on props." So I killed the goth locket, the shroud, the feather neck thing, and the chair. I was very happy with it now and it helped to cut the 5 minute long song down to 3.5 minutes. It was really fun hanging out with her crew at The Delancey. So close to my house so I could just roll home. GGG also did an impersonation of "Calamity Chang as a host" which was essentially me drunk and taunting the audience that I will take my clothes off with the help of tequila shots. In my defense that only happened ONCE at Beatles Burlesque. And further more, I never claimed or have ever billed myself as a host in the way say, Murray Hill, World Famous BoB, or Miss Astrid, are. I host to SAVE MONEY so we split the money one person less. I will claim to be a producer and a performer, two facets that I love more than hosting. So, although the impersonation was funny, I felt that I needed to explain myself so that no one has the wrong impression of what I want to accomplish. (Love you, JJ!) Here's a picture of me in my gothy-hair MU. You can't really tell from this picture cause of the lighting but my hair is teased out really big and I have sparkly blue eye make up all around and pale lips.
Backstage at The Delancey for Hard Candy Burlesque

Monday night's Beatles Burlesque was rained out! Or, I should say, hailed out. Everyone was telling me about tennis ball-sized hails coming down. Of course it was sunny all bloody day and right at 8pm, the rain started. This month's show was very tulmultuous from the beginning. First our guitarist Michael Webb is out of the country in Berlin working on a shoot for the new movie Three Musketeers with Milla Jovovich and Orlando Bloom. Then our drummer Matt Egan is working on a big deadline design project and his other band Made Out of Babies were in town to record. Honestly, I wanted to cancel the October show for financial reasons.


I am NOT making money at this show. I have never made any or even broken even. This is a pure passion project because I love seeing how much people love it, seeing the band really take a claim to what they are doing, seeing how performers interpret the Beatles, and the enthusiasm the public has towards the show. It's gotten mentioned recently in Metromix - the grandmama of all night life activities - and in NYPost. However, just because your show gets press or thrown a dog bone does not mean you are gonna get bodies out to Williamsburg on a Monday "work night". And at 10pm. Plus the venue takes a cut AND house fees. It kills me. And it's a split of 9. Four members in the band which can't be minimized, 4 burlesque performers, and myself. The last couple of shows I have not paid myself or Michael or Honi - we've discussed this arrangement before and we got each other's backs as friends. But this isn't even counting all the promotional work I do like design and maintain the show web site, buy Facebook ads for the show every month, postcard/poster costs, and not to mention the band members putting money out of their pockets to rent rehearsal space. Some venues will let you use their space during the day to rehearse but not this one. Anyway so the rain really fucking bummed me out and not having Michael there to cheer me on, bummed me out more. Okay so back to the trials of doing this month's show. We ask Carl, the guitarist, who stood in for Michael before. He agrees to do it. Then we find another drummer. Then two hours later the drummer retracts his involvement claiming he fucked up his schedule (LAME and in my book NOT an excuse!!!). Again, I suggest we cancel the show this month. No one wants to. We find another drummer through Carl who is totally down for learning all the songs lickety split. They rehearse and rehearse and I'm feeling good. The night before Monday night, Brassy calls and tells me she's lost her voice due to inexplicable reasons. I'm beyond pissed at this point. I just want to get it over with. As a producer, you often feel like you have to be a mother. She has no replacement for me. I'm on videoChat with Michael in Berlin fucking stressed out of my mind, and then he suggested asking Bastard Keith to do all the vocals! Brilliant!!! Especially since BK and I have already been discussing which month he should come and sing/guest host the show. This was perfect and maybe it was meant to be for this month. The man pulled a miracle overnight and learned all 10-12 songs and showed up at 730 for sound check and fucking saved the night. I was very happy to hear the songs sang by a man - it was a really nice change. Anita Cookie also sang "Oh Darlin" and holy crap, that girl can sing! I knew she danced and sang with Kenball but this was such a delightful surprise. Maine Attraction also fuckin brought it. I've never seen her do acts like this, where it's more contemporary (well 60s-70s) and she looked fucking HOT with that long hippie wig. All in all the show was GREAT. BK was GREAT. Carl and Mike T were GREAT. Kenball was GREAT. Runaround Sue was GREAT and GoGo Harder my big "if I was a gay man I want to sleep with him" crush-du-jour was AMAZING. That body just won't quit!! Moneywise, it sucked dick balls. I woke up the next morning with a new plan in mind and it is now in action. I will know in a couple days where the chips will fall. The show has been there for 7 months now and I would like to keep it there if things go my way. But I am a pragmatist at heart and centuries of Chinese money-saving ancestors are not going to let me make a stupid financial decision. Here's a picture of me pre-show in a different outfit than what I usually wear at Beatles:

This Saturday night is "Spreading the Curtains" at Coco de Mer again! This month I will be working with Gigi Lafemme and Sapphire Jones. I've recently started working with Ms. Jones from performing at Doc Wasabassco's Revealed and City Winery shows. She and I share the love for feather tattoos. The three of us are working on a pretty cool group finale to a song that's been on my mind for a long time. It's a little conceptual and my critique of "fashion". You'll have to come to see it! As usual, 42Below will be on hand with the all night open bar along with The Naughty Housewife's delicious baked treats. The cost is only $25 when you think about it, that's two cocktails at any other place in SoHo. The show starts at 8pm pretty promptly and is over by 930pm at the latest. Still early enough for everyone to do whatever else they have planned. Who goes to a party before 930 anyway?

Ah, my laundry is done now! I've been letting Chewie sleep in bed with me since Michael is LOATH to have dog hair on the black comforter. But what I'm doing is I wash the sheets the day before he comes back so he'll never know! WA HA HA!

Before I sign off, one last imagery that inspires me. This is Bai Guang, one of the most famous sirens from 1930s Shanghai. I have an act to her song "Flame of Love."
Bai Guang 1920


  1. I'm really sorry I missed Beatles Burlesque this month.

    The Fat Radish sounds wonderful. It's a great location for getting to Fontana's. Do you know what kind of wine list it has?

  2. the wine list is wonderful! you can see it on their site http://www.thefatradishnyc.com/

  3. All I see is a one page thing including "Full website coming soon."

  4. um it was there before. but i know that the cocktails were created by the guys who did Apotheke. And the wine list is great.