Oct 29, 2010

Men Talking About Fatherhood

Everyone knows that advertising is a heavily-male dominated industry. It's not as bad as it was in the Mad Men days (how I loath to have to reference that show every time I talk about advertising), and we certainly have our share of powerful ECDs (Executive Creative Director) who are women and I've had my share of experiences witnessing some of these top figureheads dominate the room and run the show with two pairs of balls (one pair hers, the other pair someone else's that she now owns. ha!). I have been sitting in the "creative pit" at (unnamed) agency where all the freelance ADs (Art Director) and CWs (Copywriter) sit. I am the ONLY girl in a roomful of 10, and I have been so surprised all week to hear these guys' conversations throughout the day.

Contrary to what I thought I would hear, these guys (well at least about 3-4 of them) have all been recently minted to fatherhood. They've been sharing stories about what their kids (mostly all under 2 years old) want to dress up as for Halloween (one guy's family are all dressing up as characters from Toy Story), whether they've flown with the babies, how they can't wait til they are old enough to take to Europe, how much they LOVE spending time with their kids and LOVE family vacations, and I think from what leaked into my headphones, is that they all have boys and they are SOOO easy compared to girls who are all full of drama!

Have to admit I am pleasantly surprised by what I hear these guys say amongst each other, away from their significant others. I would have thought they would bitch and complain and bemoan the loss of their single, bachelor lives, talk about who they want to "bang" (hot chicks), or stupid sex stories or their balls. Whatever is base. Then I started wondering where I got these pre-conceived notions of what I expect of men (nothing, hahah jk!). This is obviously the beginning of a long deep gender-soul-searching journey, but I immediately thought of TV sitcoms. Specifically I thought of "Two & a Half Men" and "King of Queens" - probably the two most misogynistic and stereotyped shows on television. Doug from King of Queens is an overweight and selfish loaf, someone who longs to be better but is too lazy and cowardly to be someone else than the environment he was born into. Even though Two & a Half Men's characters are full-on parodies, these shows still perpetuate the idea that long term love and commitment are something that becomes a drag in the long run. All the characters hate their lives from the womanizing Charlie to idiotic Carrie and at any given moment they complain about the compromises they've had to made to make a life together or the sacrifices they've made to be with the person they supposedly love. The premise of the "joke" is that you are naive and an idiot if you believe in true love that is nurturing, supportive, passionate and soulful - that if you really believe love can be sustained through the monotony of daily existence and living, then hello, the JOKE IS ON YOU. What a stupid setup! There is a lesson I'm supposed to learn about this... somewhere.

Okay I'm done ranting and getting out of work to start my long crazy Halloween weekend! Last year my friends and I went to eat Momofuku's special fried chicken dinner at midnight, then they all went out late but I went home cause I was so nervous about the opening night of Dim Sum Burlesque at Chow Bar the next day on Sunday, November 1. Wow. So much has happened since a year ago!

Shane on the right, I love Shane! And his backup dancers.
Thats me doing a fan dance to Kei$ha's "Take It Off"
Saturday night, I'm at FBOMB first at The Delancey. I go on at midnight. Then I will jet over to Webster Hall Circus for Shane.

Then Sunday is "Not Your Standard Bingo" at The Standard Hotel starting at 10pm! They are having burlesque for the first time there and I am STOKED!!!!

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