Oct 11, 2010

John Lennon

I am out of dishwashing detergent. The living room looks like a giant Goth closet exploded all over it (been rehearsing for tmrw night's Spooky, Scary, Sexy show at The Delancey). The bedroom looks like Forever21 moved in (I went shopping and bought some stuff over the weekend like this Spangle Body Suit that I will wear when gogo-ing at Nurse Bettie this Thursday night). And right now I am going to Beatles Burlesque. A very auspicious night, I have a feeling. It's an all-boys band tonight! I'm very excited to hear a male voice sing these songs that have been sung by a female lead the last 6 months. Last weekend was John Lennon's 70th birthday so tonight's show is even more special. I hope I don't cry when I dedicate tonight's show to him. I will blog more later tonight.

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