Oct 22, 2010

someting happened in the bathroom last night

The CMJ showcase at Backstage Bar last night was crazy and was 1.5 hr behind schedule. Diamondsnake didn't even go on til 1:30am and I rushed over there right after Nurse Bettie at 11:30pm. There was NO place to change, the green room is behind the stage, the long outside was like a snake weaving down the block of music hipsters. We rolled up and got in the "backstage" with Tomato and Dave and just waited there standing around for an hour and a half. Then Phil and Moby showed up. They were all standing around saying how they are not used to being up this late. Many dudes approached Moby and said stuff to him like, "Man, you are a true legend." A lot of you have asked me what Moby is like. He is nice. His energy is really chill and relaxed. Mild mannered socially and very witty. I am not into "celebrities" and I think he's a great musician, obviously influential for many of us growing up and kids growing up now, but to me, he's just a regular creative person who has refined and honed his craft to the utmost. So now you can stop asking me what he is like. During that long hour and a half wait, Rhinestone Zipper posed for press pictures etc and one of them (Groupie #1 as seen above) put her makeup bag on the sink in the bathroom and look what happened! The bloody thing completely fell off the wall! Imagine the lawsuit if a handicapped person (it was the handicap bathroom) had indeed used it and it fell on his/her lap! NOT cool. Rhinestone Zipper prevented a lawsuit! ROCK!

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