Oct 19, 2010

Beatles Burlesque Continues Next Month w/a New Surprise

The chips have fallen where they have always been. Beatles Burlesque is happily staying at Public Assembly thanks very much to the cooperation of the management and team there. We are stoked to keep their Monday Night Burlesque brand alive and well. When everyone's happy, Yoko Chang is happy. Which means a better show.

Next month on Monday, November 8, Beatles Burlesque will feature The Maine Attraction, Gal Friday, Honi Harlow, and sacrificial lamb Madame Deelux! The band will be back together after a month of being separated. And guess what else, my parents will be in attendance for the first time ever! My mom, as most of you already know, knows about my burlesque career and have seen my fan dance (and that's ALL she's ever going to see!) but my dad has not seen ANY burlesque at all. I invited them to come to the show rather than stay in, and they asked, "Will you be performing?" Ha ha! They ARE fans of Vegas topless shows and have been to a few in the past so that's how I sold it to them. As long as they don't see me topless, its all kosher.

Btw - I heard that after the last Beatles Burlesque show, someone was caught masturbating in the men's bathroom!!!!

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