Mar 4, 2010

Boredom at Work Leads to Buying New Shoes

That's whats been going on today. My co-worker went to the gym and I was tempted to go by H&M, Forever 21, and Sephora. But instead I just went downstairs and "took a look" at the random nameless store next door. Twenty minutes later, I emerged with 2 pairs of new shoes. I justified the purchase by saying to myself that these can be worn with "normal" clothes and not just for burlesque. It's true! I can replace the old silver shoes that I wear with the black fan dance with these new taller ones. The crimson ones I can wear either with the red fan dance or with the new number I'm working on or MC-ing - or I'll just wear those around the house making pasta!

We are finally back at Nurse Bettie. The damn snow has cancelled the show twice! I'm excited about tonight because Hazel Honeysuckle is going to do her 5th Element Lilo number (I saw some photos of this number and goddamn she looks hot in bandages!), my friend Ginger Brown is going to do a pretty nasty number based on the song choice I heard, Runaround Sue is coming as well but I have no idea what act she's doing although I love the song (no spoilers here), I'm going to do my Brett Michaels tribute, and Brassy is going to provide us with some classic rock! I would totally go on Rock of Love if he wasn't looking so plastic-y and I was desperate with children out of wedlock and didn't have a job or a marketable skill - okay basically I would never go on the show is essentially what I'm saying.

Show is at 10 PM at Nurse Bettie, now 3 blocks even closer to my house! No cover. Gonna be so fun!!

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