Mar 26, 2010


Just got home from the Nurse Bettie show and saw how smeared my lipstick was!!

The show was packed again! We did well and the crowd was really really great! They were so fun and enthusiastic. I opened tonight cuz my costume for Enter Sandman is too elaborate and Brassy wasn't here tonight to intro-me so I just opened. And I think I like it better! For one, I don't have to change. Second, opening with Sandman got the crowd immeadiatedly revved up. Many dudes told me how rad it was and how they didn't expect something like that. One person said they loved it cuz it was so dark. Stephen mentioned the religious iconoclastic imagery in my pieces. All this is Exactly what I wanted for this act. I thbk Sandman and the Nun are perfect for this show.

I'm supposed to get a write up in TimeOut next Thursday in the "free love" issue. Yes, in the print magazine not just digital text! I have permission now to hire more acts and paid gogo dancers! Stephen and I are both so happy and excited to continue building this show out cuz this baby is growing rapidly in a mAjor way evry time I do it. To think just four hours ago I wanted nothing more than to eat chicken nuggets and watch sitcoms in bed! I worked 12 hours yesterday on a pitch for work at an agency I haven't freelanced at in two years because they exhaust me creatively. But I love the people there and the work that come out are really top notch. Stuff you can be proud to put in your book. Anyway I digress. Tomorrow I design the HOT Beatles Burlesque flyer that Michael and I shot so late and spontaneously the other night while drunk. Love it when that happens! A true creative partnership is Thrilling!!!! Oh and tmrw I'm treating myself to Otto Dixs show at Neueu Gallerie and shopping at Mandees with my 20% discount card. Bitches!

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