Aug 25, 2010

Back on the gritty pavement

I'm purposely not working this week so I can work on my new act, an electric blue Vegas-style showgirl/showboat piece. I'm very excited about this new act and have been dreaming about it. When I'm working on a new act, I listen to the song on repeat whenever I have to walk or take the subway somewhere. It's on loop forever. Sometimes I listen to it for an hour on repeat like a crazy lady! It's been an easy transition coming back from Mexico. The Drunken Dragon show at Macao on Monday night was very, very packed. More packed than the other two months. We might move it upstairs if it keeps getting this packed every month. I did the black fan dance and the bar top act again which I love so much. I've tried to do this act elsewhere but it doesn't work anywhere else! I was hoping to debut the blue act at Macao, but I had no time. So instead - I am going to debut this glamour puss at Runaround Sue's SugarShack Burlesque show at the Palace of Wonders on Saturday, September 11! It's me, Runaround Sue, Scooter Pie, and Ekaterina. The four of us will blow the roof off that place! And we're doing 2 shows! I'm SO excited to do her show that I'll even take the bus to DC. I get car sick very bad that's why I always try to borrow Manny's car but lately I feel like I've been abusing my friendship with him so I feel bad asking again so soon after the last time. Where's my Dramamine??
Saturday, September 11 at The Palace of Wonders, DC!

Tory Williams, the photographer for Time Out, posted some pictures from my story last month on her blog. She shadowed me from home to the show at Nurse Bettie.
Photo by Tory Williams
Her blog has more pictures of Peekaboo Pointe, Nikkita Lemarcelle, Deity Delgado, etc. from that same night. Click here to see them!

I'm also excited to return to Kitty Nights this Sunday 9pm SHARP! I think my second time performing ever was at Fem Appeal's famously popular Sunday show over a year ago. I did my Brett Michael's "Talk Dirty to Me" schoolgirl act, and now from schoolgirl to "Asian Hooker" Hello Kitty! I love this show and I love the people there. And I can't wait to eat the chicken fingers at Bar on A!

All this week I've been patiently waiting for my new iMac - it's a big hulking motherfucker! 27" screen!!! It's gonna give me vertigo its so huge. I need it to finish my documentary "opus" haha, the one I filmed in Mexico. I'm addicted to editing! It's more gratifying than writing in so many other ways. I already made 3 clips from the last Beatles Burlesque show and 1 clip of my spontaneous strip tease on the beach in Mexico. You can see them here:

Montage of the show to "Oh Darlin"

"Don't Let Me Down"

"Yer Blues"

Beach Striptease

Things I can't afford.
I stumbled into a store on Bowery yesterday called Blue & Cream and I wish I didn't go in there, because I saw a leather dress for $600 and it was amazing. It was like something out of Bladerunner but more modern with a bustier top and a narrow, narrow peplum skirt. Bitch was sexy and I sniffed her... I also saw this other dress (to the left) that I lusted after. It's $1,600!!!

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