Aug 29, 2010

TRASH! @Webster Hall w/DJ Jess

I am seriously dizzy right now from sitting in front of my new 27" iMac!! The screen is so enormous that I have to make my icons bigger so I don't have squint to find them on the desktop. I found this on the Apple web site in the refurbished section for $1600. It's a really great deal! My previous iMac was also a refurb that the Tenement Museum bought for me as part of the Digital Artist in Residency program. The program is no longer extant but when it was going on, it was a really great art grant supporting visual artists working in digital media. The project I proposed and created was called "Gods of Chinatown" which was an interactive tour of the temples in Chinatown told from the perspective of someone that is half-me and half-fictional me. The project took me about 4 months to do during which time I didn't accept any new contract work. I was pretty much home 24/7 in my old little studio apartment day in and day out. It was pretty sucessful and I was featured in New York Times by Lily Koppel. THAT is my claim to fame :-) Part of my grant went to buying a new iMac - so that was in 2006 - so I've been using a refurbished iMac 21" for 4 years which is about the time frame for a computer upgrade. Now I can finally start working on that documentary from Mexico!

Friday night I performed at DJ Jess' TRASH party at Webster Hall. It's a really late show at 230am so unlike last time when I did the show, I took a long nap for 3 hours from 10pm to midnight so by the time I arrived at the always-packed party, I was wide awake. I did my equestrian bondage act (Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Heads Will Roll") complete with my horsetail buttplug from Coco De Mer. Here are some pictures that I couldn't post on Facebook.

Me, DJ Jess, Apathy Angel

My little pony


And After!

Excited about tonight's show at Kitty Nights. It's going to be super fun like usual. Here's a picture from the first time I've ever performed at Fem Appeal's show, this was back in May of last year. I was a schoolgirl to Poison's "Talk Dirty to Me" and tonight I go from schoolgirl to "Asian Hooker" (Steel Panther)/Hello Kitty! Ummm interesting, both bands are hair metal bands.

A year+ ago at Kitty Nights

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