Aug 17, 2010

My Mexican Vacation...

It's raining right now in Playa so I figured I would take this time to write a quick update! The first day we got here we were lounging around by the pool when I suddenly felt like the right side of my face was really warm. Turns out that the whole side - from the bottom front of my right ear and all along my jawline and some of my neck - was swollen! I have no idea what triggered this except that a few days ago I noticed a hard knot in front of my ear along the jawline. I didn't bump my face on anything nor did any insect bite me that I can recall. We find the 24hour doctor down the street whose office is located in the back of a dingy motel/hotel off the main avenue, paid him $75 to tell me that A) my ears were infected from the plane and B) the swollen face is something different and he didn't know what that was. He didn't seem to think it's the mumps because I don't have a fever nor are the lymph nodes swollen (if it is a case of the mumps). He did give me a shot of steroids & antiobiotic and prescribed some hardcore antihistamine, Cipro, and a small dose painkiller as preventive measures. In the last few days since taking the medicine, the swelling has gone down very sloooowly and I'm not as hideous as I was a few days ago. I'm so bummed out because we were going to take all these photos for Suicide Girls and other things and now I can't do any of them because my face is SOOOOO hideous!!!
On the left is me after getting a shot on my butt. On the right is how I feel inside. :(
Since my face is so hideous, I'll distract you with my boobs.
Here's a video clip where I distract you some more from my disfigured face with my boobs! Enjoy!


  1. So was it the mumps? What was it??

  2. we still dont know. short of getting a blood test and a ct scan, there's not much i can do now other than soak up the sun ! ole!