Aug 19, 2010

Getting Pulled Over by Mexican Policía

After the prodigal son & father's lunch yesterday (which I documented diligently and will further use to exploit my own creative urges by making it into a mini film), we took our car and drove to Tulum. On the road there "Miguel" saw this awesome mural in ruins by the side of the highway.

Calamity Table Dance Ole!
Shortly after we took this photo, we were pulled over by the police for speeding. We got away with just a warning and to slow down and didn't have to pay him off. Hooray!

Tulum was beautiful but we got there so late and everything is "eco" so there were no electricity. We looked at three cabanas and hotels thinking we were gonna stay there for a night, but omg, since its all "eco" there were no AIR CONDITIONING in any of the places!!! I'm happy for the eco-tourists who like having sticky skin and sandy crotches, but I need AC! So I made Miguel drive us back to Playa. But Tulum is beautiful, the ocean view and the general ruralness. Very romantic. Twice on this trip strangers have asked Miguel if he knew he looks like Mick Jagger. His response? "Yeah, I'm Mike Jagger. His illegitimate younger brother."

Tomorrow we come back to NYC. Adios Internet and tacos.
Puerto Morelos, a small sleepy fishing village. Very beautiful and still untrampeled by tourism.

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