Jan 16, 2013

Hotel Chantelle Lobby

Photo by Michael Webb.

Just found this old picture from a photo shoot I did at Hotel Chantelle where I have my weekly Friday night shows. I've always liked it but haven't really used it for promo. The lobby where my show is held at has been renovated (this red booth is no longer there), and it is now so posh and beautiful with a vintage tin-roof, elegant floral wallpaper, hardwood floors, and a long brass bar. I'll be doing a new series of photos with all the regular performers who are in my shows soon!

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  1. Calamity Chang,
    You are beautiful. I am so impressed with your costumes and how you have decorated your "Copperteal" fan stave discs. I thank you for your kind referral to Beelzebabe (Kate Higgins) for my fan discs. I would love any feedback that you may have on how the fans handle such as weight, float time and maneuverability. Thank you again, Ms. Copperteal (Dorothy Lenihan)