Jan 31, 2013

"Les Fleurs de Shanghai" One Year Anniversary!

Update: my print is available for purchase at Luma's site now!

Her other work is online there as well. This is my first time ordering with ImageKind. Not bad for a custom print order experience. Framed, matted, plus shipping for a bit under $110.

Tonight was the one year anniversary of my Old Shanghai nostalgia show with Shien Lee at Duane Park! Not only was it our anniversary but it also marked the last show at the old space in TriBeCa. Duane Park will close on 2/16 and then re-open late February/early March at the grand new space on Bowery - which will be even closer to home for me. Hooray! I've heard some amazing new additions to the new space that gave me chills of excitement. I can already see it!
Luma Rouge came to the show tonight, but due to traffic and this rainstorm going on outside right now, she was only able to see my finale to Shien's Chinese cover of the famous song from "Carmen" (Jesse and Blanca killed it!!). If you don't know who Luma is, I highly suggest checking out her work online. She makes watercolor paintings live during the show, and I have several of her renditions of me on my Facebook fan page (click to view >).
I love her talent so much. And she hung out with us (Peekaboo Pointe and Dame Cuchifrita) after the show and shared some fries with us. Wait, I think I ate all the fries, she just watched and drew me eating the fries. I did say, "French Fries are a girl's best friend" after all. :)
These are two drawings from tonight. I love them! Would it be greedy to invite her to all my shows form now on? ;-)
(note: these are just phone snapshots of the real drawings until Luma gets her computer back up and running to scan them properly)

Drawing by Luma Rouge. Copyright ® 2013.

Drawing by Luma Rouge. Copyright ® 2013.

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