Jul 8, 2010

On my way to the Colorado Burlesque Festival, but first, a funny story.

Note: Some people have asked me how to get tickets to Monday July 12's Beatles Burlesque show. You don't need to get advance tickets. Public Assembly is first come, first serve. Cash at the door. Just show up when doors open at 9pm and pay then. Come early to get a good seat to enjoy the gogo team at 930pm and the show starts at 10pm! It's a big line-up and big sets! For line-up and directions, go to http://www.BeatlesBurlesque.com

On Monday night, I was in Broadway Brassy and Shelly the Singing Siren's "From Trashy to Classy" show at Public Assembly. We had a lot of things against us. The L train wasn't working. It was the long weekend after July 4th when most people were probably just getting back into the city. AND - Faith No More was playing down at the waterfront. I knew this going in, so I still had a lot of fun backstage with Strawberry Fields, Honey Birdette, and Gemini Rising. Shelly and Brassy's banter on stage was on point and very funny. They really should be reviewed by Pitchfork or Sasha Frere Jones. Hello, Sasha. If you are reading this, you must hear either or both of them! Call me I'll hook you up.

For my classy act, I did my popular black fan dance to the 1930s Japanese cover of "St Louis Blues". That went great as usual. I love this act and it's one of my oldest acts, but when it came time to do my trashy act which is much newer and still a lot of be worked out, I did the Asian Hooker/Hello Kitty act. Those of you who have seen this act know the size of the foam head. What you may or may not know is that I can not see anything at all! The eyes are open with mesh covering but they are so far apart it doesn't help me see anything at all. So what I sse in front of me is this:

Because of those four steps to the stage and because the curtains were not closing before each act, Gemini Rising had to lead me by hand up to the stage. Which was fine cause it works with the character. I asked her to leave me in the middle of the stage, and she does. But I wanted to try bigger movements and this new choreography that night, and I did. I turned around and around and around - doing my thing la la la - the gloves come off, the dress comes off, then I'm down to panties and bra. I unzip my bra, nothing is happening. No one is cheering. So I'm thinking its because the turn out is so small so no biggie. I keep going, so when the big reveal comes and I yank off the foamhead and swish my hair in a way that I thought was glamorous and uber-sexy...I realize that I had gotten myself so turned around that I was facing the BACK of the stage!!! So instead of seeing this when the foam head came off:

I saw this:

No wonder no one cheered when my top came off! SO yes, for the fifteen people who were there to witness this hysterical moment in my burlesque life so far - that was what was REALLY going on eventhough it may not have looked like it if you haven't seen the act before. I still laugh when I think about it.

I just finished packing and am going to the airport. I am so excited to meet all these people that I've only have been corresponding with like Fannie Spankings, Midnight Martini (whose aerial work looks amazing), and take Tigger!'s class and Scarlett Letter's "Dancing in Shoes you Shouldn't be Walking in". Plus I get to see G's brand new swanky house! And go to the mall, TJMaxx, Mac Makeup, get sushi and the usual stuff we do when I go to Boulder. I don't want to run into someone there though...what a big mistake that was from two years ago. GROSS. I want to vomit just thinking about it!! I will be blogging and taking lots of photos - trying out a "travel-logue" kind of thing for this weekend. (Stretching arms) trying out my journalistic chops.

I will be twittering too on the fly! Follow me there.

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