Jul 21, 2010

Knobby Knees

The Drunken Dragon Nights show on Monday night was freakin AWESOME!! I have assembled my ultimate dream team at this show!!! Gal Friday, Bird of Paradise, and Kita St Cyr. We each did 2 numbers, and everyone had an Asian song from the 70's they danced to. Macao moved up the happy hour from 9 and extended it an extra hour til 11. I started the show at 11pm, on time, as usual. I can't help being prompt-it's in my Chinese genes to be on time. LOL. There was no microphone, or at least, they couldn't figure out how to turn it on so I sat on the bar and UBER-LORDED over everyone with my voice. The crowd is spectacular!! Everyone paid attention when the performances were going on, NO ONE talked. People were sitting on the floor captivating by the red light and by us. It felt like naughty story time for me sitting up high and talking to everyone. Incredible!! I didn't have to control them at all - they were just such an amazing audience! The space is small and there's no stage but we clear off a circular space in front of the bar to dance in. It feels intimate and a little bit illegitimate - as Gal said, it has the vibe of going out randomly with your friends and stumbling onto a strip show and then telling your friends about the find.

Everyone was amazing, amazing, amazing. This was the first time I worked with Kita and she is really good. She is "the cutie with the bootie" and she really owns those curves of hers. Cheeky Lane, a new kitten, was clearly the least shy of all kittens I've ever worked with. She was spectacular in the way she worked that champagne bucket for tips. Didn't hurt that she wore a black teddie with fringe on her butt. The hospitality and care Macao takes to make sure the performers are happy makes it so rewarding to work with them. It makes everyone happy when we feel like they appreciate what we are doing, and vice versa. I was really excited about this second month's show because they've been wanting me to do my "Dusk Til Dawn" act - so I finally did that act and had the alcohol sponsor's drink in a bottle that I poured into audience members' mouths. It was bourbon by Heaven Hill and it was 90% proof. Which I did NOT know. I usually pour gold glitter from a Patron botle on my body at the end of this act, but since it was bourbon night, I poured the bourbon on myself. Little did I know how much it would sting my ass crack!! Holy moly. At least I can say my butt crack was clean and thoroughly disinfected!

For the closing number I developed a new act just for Drunken Dragon Nights that's similar to the photo I have for the event with me crawling on the bar. The visual pun is that I AM the drunken dragon splayed out on the bar. Anyway - I LOVE this act. I wish I can do this everywhere. The song is "Help Me with My Blood Count" by The Giraffes that Matt Egan (our drummer for Beatles Burlesque) turned me onto. I wish I had video or pictures of this act but I don't... alas. Does anyone have any who were at the event? When I rehearsed this act, my knees got banged up pretty bad. All that crawling and slithering around on the bar did not mix with my knobby knees. Even my surgeon who removed the cyst on my back (healing great! scar is doing fine) - asked, "How did you get a boyfriend with knobby knees?" I replied, "I guess he doesn't look down there..."

This Saturday is "Spreading the Curtains" at Coco De Mer - with Gal Friday (I'll see her 3 times this week!), Dame Cuchifrita, and Pandora. Dame has worked out this group act involving Pan the sex goat god but as a woman. I can't wait to go to rehearsal and see what the deal is! As usual like last time, 42Below is sponsoring my event with an open bar all night featuring their famous 42Below Lemonade. It's $25 a person and seating is limited to 35 people! Dont forget to RSVP if you are thinking of coming. It sold out last month.

In day time news, I started at a new agency this week. The other contract wrapped up. This new place is more suitable for my life right now. The work, although not as creative or stimulating, is much easier and the creative team is staffed properly so no one is busting a 12hour day here. Most of the creatives here are people I've worked with before when I was at MRM like 6 years ago. One of the Creative Directors was someone I dated very briefly a long time ago and it was kinda funny to see him again after all these years. He's now married and is expecting his first bebee! I like this new place cause the commute is easy, I am next to Reminiscence, Outback Steakhouse, and Home Depot! And they have Dance, Dance, Revolution set up in the game room along with Wii, PS3, and XBox.

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