Jul 22, 2010

I'm gonna tear YOU apart!!

Tonight is Nurse Bettie with some of my favorite girls but I have no idea what act I'm gonna do! I've been in Hello Kitty/Asian Hooker/Steel Panther land and its hard transitioning out of that head space. I want to do the equestrian bondage act but its too hot to wear all that velvet and leather. I've already done Kitty twice this week... what I really want to do is my new bar crawl act that I did at Macao by The Giraffes, but Stephen said it's going to be packed tonight and clearing off the bar will be a pain. I can already hear surly Craig's grumbling about it! The new act I'm working on is She Wants Revenge's "Tear You Apart" - I might be treading into some sensitive areas with this one - but it's not ready to debut yet.


okay i'll do Kitty again.

Random fact for today: I'm wearing these heels.

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