May 11, 2010


Yoko Chang did not drop her pants this time at Beatles Burlesque part 2 on Monday night! She did however do an act to "Chinese Revolution". Michael's flight back from Budapest was expectedly delayed cause of the volcanic ash by 5 hours! Thankfully we had a backup plan and had ko Carl stand-in for him. He did a great job and was supportive and committed to the show. That worked out really well!

There's no show this Thursday at Nurse Bettie, because my mom is visiting for a week from Texas! I haven't gone home in a year (a long time for me) and she hasn't visited in 5 years. She's a nurse and is the only income earner so she works all the fucking time. When she does allow herself the luxury of travelling, i try to lavish her with as much as I can. This time i'm taking her to see Cirque du soleil's OVO which I've never seen and am actually looking forward to! Am also taking her to get facials in Chinatown, many dinners out to some of my favourite places, of course The Met museum, and I'm putting on a special Dim Sum Burlesque show for her called "coming out to my mom" show! I just want to fill the room so I dropped the cover to $5. I want to show her what I've been up to every Sunday night for the last six months. Then she is making a big dinner at home for some if my closest friends. Last time we all went to have Shabu shabu. But that place closed sadly.

I'm getting ready for two new shows. The first one is for Coco de Mer and the second one is for the TriBeCa restaurant Macao Trading Company. It's a monthly late mnday night show in their downstairs opium den called Drunken Dragon Nights named after the population Macanese festival that takes place in May. I'm learning more about the history and culture of Macao. It's fascinating! My parents recently went there. As for the show, I don't know what the cover will be but it does include two hours of open bar! I'm doing the shoot tmrw and someone famous whose name shall not be named is doing my makeup again. My inspiration for this show is all Asian covers of Western songs from the 30's-50's. Macao has a rich history of influences from China and Portugal so this has a lot of room to grow. I'm very excited to get these shows started and to get the Nurse Bettie show going bi-weekly (wed & thurs) as well! Thank god for that generous tax return that's allowing me to focus on shows for June!

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