May 21, 2010


For the last 2 nights I stayed in because I had a bunch of promotional and booking stuff to do. I went to the gym during the day, made food at home, and it was nice. But - apparently 2 nights in is all I can handle bcause last night at Nurse Bettie I was in a MOOD and by the end of the night I was on the bar dancing to Stacey Q's "Two of Hearts". Who remembers and LOVES that song??? I do! And woah, I just remembered now that I made a reference to the 4th dimension as "time" - Hello, Rudy Rucker and Flatland! I was entranced by Gemini Rising's holographic pasties that looked like it was 3-D and somehow I ended up talking about time. Man. What did Jen put in my drink?? I didn't want to go home! When I did get home I was so wired I had to watch that dumb Lopez talk show to wind down. How could you not wind down watching boring crap like that at night?

In other news, my favorite speakeasy bar in the West Village, Employees Only, has now added one hot burlesque performer every Sunday night at midnight to spice things up! It's a one-off with no MC-ing or anything. I am booking for them. Amber Ray just did the first weekend, I am going this Sunday. I love working with the EO crew. They also own Macao Trading Company. Both venues treat performers with tremendous respect and will treat you like a star! I really enjoy working with them. The rest of the month and June looks like this:

May 30: Gal Friday
June 6: Dame Cuchifrita
June 13: Madame Rosebud
June 20: Lil Steph
June 27: Stormy Leather

July 11: The Maine Attraction
July 18: Pandora Scintillator

I am also SO excited about the Coco de Mer show on Saturday, June 19th with Amber Ray and Madame Rosebud. I want this to be glam, flash, showgirl, classic, fetish, and end it with an original erotic theater piece that Rosebud and I are co-creating. The show will start at 8pm with an open bar of a vodka punch bowl and 2 kinds of muddled cockta
ils (flavors will alternate month to month) - the cover is $25 a person. That's a pretty good deal for your starting point on a Saturday night out. Also the space is very limited, I think we can comfortably get in about 30-35 people in the show room, so it's not going to be one of those lame open bar clusterfuck scenarios where the line is like 10 deep (ie: Shecky's Girls Night Out with open bar is case in point). You will definitely get your drink on and we will get our burlesque on! RSVP is required though and you can do that by calling the store 212-966-9069.

More exciting news to be unveiled soon on June 11. Here's a glimpse...
Photo by Michael Webb.


  1. That Coco show is def going in my little red book

  2. Must come and see the Coco show on the 19th. Sounds fantastical. . .
    Have to send a link to your blog to a friend of mine, she loves burlesque . . .
    great stuff going on