May 31, 2010

Quick recap & ketchup...

...Before my flight to Mexico. I'm going to spend a week in PDC (Playa del Carmen) for fun and also for my friends Danae and Darren's wedding. They asked me to perform two numbers at their reception which will also include four mariachi bands, a rope trickster, and something with a horse? It sounds like they are planning quite a spectacle and extravaganza which is what I've always come to expect from my kiwi friends. Whenever they throw a party it's always memorable to say the least!

While I'm waiting for this 530am flight I figure I could do a picture recap of the last week starting with-

Dame Cuchifrita and I backstage at Macao Trading Company's "Drunken Dragon" party on Monday night. We were courtesans for The House of Dangerkat and had our faces and cleavage airbrushed with magenta and gold glitter. It was a really fun party with evryone dressed up in Asian-inspired costumes. There was even a cocktail named "Calamity Chang" that Dashun had made with honey and vodka - my two fav cocktail ingredients!

This beauty is from Coco de Mer, just one of the many beautiful leather items that I will be featuring at the June 19 show "Spreading the Curtains". We are using various Coco de Mer accessories, toys, products and integrating them into our acts. Some will be featured soli as a demo skit. I'm SO excited about this show!!!

Me backstage in the dressing room at DJ Jess' INSANELY wild and spectacular Trash! Party at Webster Hall on Friday night. This was the first time I performed at Jess' gig but I've heard many good things about it. I did my nun act which was perfect for this gig. It was really awesome. I'm really liking doing these night club gigs! It's like old club kid days when I was a cigarette girl. There are some crazy photos from the party on Jess' site.

This weekend we (Michael, Brassy, and I) went to perform at Lil Steph's Bravissimo Burlesque show at WineO. This was my first show away from home and my first visit to Philly. I am very fond of Steph cuz otherwise it would take a lot to get me to schlep out of the city to do a show. I'm so lazy! Brassy did "mama" and "magic man" with Michael on git. I did the black fan and the red priestess then we closed the show with "talk dirty to me" with BB singing and M on git again.

Rehearsing in the hotel room. The show started a whole hour late because of the game. The Flyers against somebody. But once we started the audience was amazing! The host Count Sotchula was hilarious!

The only sucky thing about the trip was michaels camera got totally swiped off the table wevwere sitting at on the sidewalk about this lame sports bar called Thr Plough and Stars. I'm still convinced that someone who worked there took it.

Woohoo my flight is here! Hasta luego!

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