Jun 8, 2010

June Happenin

I'm back from Mexico and it was the most amazing 8 days - I so needed that. I met many managers and venue owners who are very keen on bringing burlesque to Playa del Carmen. A few of them were able to see my two acts that I did at Danae and Darren's wedding. I did the black fan dance and my red priestess act. I learned a few things about performing in the Mexican heat on the roof of a boutique hotel such as wind factor and "people drunk" factor. A) I did not anticipate wind inteferring with how I maneuver my fans. B) I did not anticipate my costume being worn on the heads of the wedding party like it was Halloween for them - PET PEEVE NÚMERO UNO!!! C) Glitter is REALLY itchy and scratchy on your skin in the heat!! I performed at Harlow's Hideaway the night I got back to NYC and that was a very unusual way to transition back into my life here. I was so chilled out from days of doing nothing but lay on the beach, the pool, eat ceviche and fish tacos, and cocktails with friends at night. Playa has an intense night life on par with NYC if not more! It was like a mini-Ibiza without the foam parties, altho they just opened a foam party club in Cancun.

This month is going to be really intense and busy. I have to work hard and make sure I don't get sick - ALTHO I did bring back some Mexican pharmaceuticals that's too expensive here so I won't get sick! HA!

Let's kick off this month with some big news!!!!

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