Jun 27, 2010

Voodoo Necklace

I performed in Velocity's BadAss! Show last night and it was so awesome!! She had bottles and bottles of red wine and water for us backstage which I thought, as a performer, is a nice touch cause you don't have to worry about going out to the bar with a drink ticket and asking for water every 30 minutes, like me. I drink a lot of water! Her stage manager Faceboy who also happens to be a bread baker brought a big loaf of bread too that I stuffed my face with after the show.

During the day Rosewood and I exchanged many emails regarding how I should do the final reveal for my equestrian number. I wanted to really use the butt plug but have been having technical difficulties. Anyway, the solution was found before the show and it went smoothly and I was VERY happy with how I am now going to do this act. Too bad the sight line at Arlene's Grocery is suck ass cause only the people in the very front can get the full view.

I had a great Sunday today getting a facial and I went to get supplies to make this necklace I saw yesterday while walking around SoHo with Michael and Chewie. This necklace is AMAZING. It's made of black rooster feathers, leather, thin chains, and drapes around your neck like something a witch doctor from the bayou would wear. The price tag: $660!!!!!! So I went to Bead World today and got all the ingredients to replicate this necklace today while watching Coco Before Chanel - I didn't know anything about her background and the guy she loved died while away! That makes me sad. Anyway - the necklace didn't come out exactly the same and now that I'm looking at it, it's definitely a "statement piece" - it kind of looks like something someone from Conan the Barbarian would wear. I'll take it out for a spin tmrw to work and see what happens.


  1. Love the necklace, very original, though not everyone can pull that off! Oh Coco Chanel is one of my favorite courtesans...all time favorite!

  2. I'm not sure I can carry it off either to tell you the truth...But what's made is made, I'll wear it anyway!

  3. Katherine Hepburn played Chanel in the musical Coco. She wasn't much of a singer and on Wednesday matinee days her big solo would be drowned out by construction work going on across the street. So she found whoever was in charge and explained the situation and from then on the workers took a three minute break during the time she sang the song.